Sentimental Surprise

I received a couple of surprise gifts in the mail recently:

A photo:

and a photo book:

Both were sent to my by Ron over at Retired in Delaware. Ron was responsible for the blogger gathering that these photos memorialize. It was a great weekend and I made many new friends, most of whom I’ve seen subsequently (although not nearly often enough) and remained in contact with via blogs, texts, emails, and/or Facebook.

I have 3 framed photos in my bedroom, a constant reminder of this great blogger bonding weekend:

I’m thrilled to have even more images from this gathering. Thanks so much, Ron!

6 thoughts on “Sentimental Surprise

  1. I had forgotten that you ordered copies of the group old time picture when you were at the Bloggerpalooza. Everything did come together at that time didn’t it? And what wonderful photos Mark Himes took. Good memories last forever. And by the way, you look much younger in person!


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