Fed up with Fatigue

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I had the wonderful fortunate to develop a cold or some such this week. Plagued with fatigue, chills, headaches, and digestive issues since Monday, I wondered if it might actually be a mild Flu. I worked Monday, stayed home Tuesday, worked Wednesday (dosed on DayQuil) , and stayed home Thursday when I felt worse than the previous three days. Yesterday, my gut issues intensified, so it was a rough night.

Today I had a 2.5 Hour Remicade infusion scheduled at 8:30am (I have one every 8 weeks), as well as a check-up with my GI (I have to have those every other infusion) at a sister location at 1:15pm.  Normally I get seen by my GI at the same location as my infusion, while I’m at my infusion, but my GI doc was scheduled to be at a different location today, so I was (not) looking forward to two different appointments at two different times and  locations, while feeling like death warmed over.

I would have preferred not to proceed with the infusion (which leaves me feeling drained, as is) when I was feeling so awful and fatigued, but disrupting my infusion schedule wreaks havoc with my life and the rest of my schedule (not to mention possibly my health); it also makes it harded for the infusion lab, who schedules multiple infusions ahead of time to fit everyone in.  I spoke with my nurses yesterday and, as long as I don’t have a fever, its considered safe to proceed with the infusion. (I have not had any fever since the onset of my symptoms.) So, like a good little patient I am, I hauled my cookies to the Infusion Lab this morning and here I sit, tethered to an IV, anxiously counting the 150 minutes until I can return home to the comfort of my sofa, blankets, and duo-dog affection. However, I had a small dose of good luck: My GI doc was in the building I’m at this morning, noticed me on the Remicade schedule, and stopped down to do my check-up while I was here, eliminating the need for extra travel this afternoon to his other office.  Woohoo!

Unfortunately, this cold cost me two sick days from work, ruined Valentine’s Day dinner plans Thursday for me and the hubby, and put a kibosh on my plans to visit the BF in Connecticut this weekend. It’s also made it difficult to do much of anything, because any efforts to get up and about exhausts me.

Stupid life-messing-up cold!

11 thoughts on “Fed up with Fatigue

  1. Oh no. I hope you’re feeling better soon. I’ve been dealing with congestion and head colds that keep returning. It’s no fun, and I’ll have to update the blog about that.

    I hope you watched the pilot for Doom Patrol. I saw it last night and I really liked it.


  2. What a week! Hope you feel better soon. I was in Pennsylvania with my daughter earlier this week and caught the cold she and her husband were sharing. I drove home Thursday, slept half the day Friday, and when I got up this morning (still feeling kinda punk) Superman is sick, too. We all need to rest and get better.


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