I stayed home from work today.

Because I’m sick so often, I don’t have the luxury of staying home every time I don’t feel well or I’m in pain or discomfort so, when I can push myself to go in on “bad days”, I do. Today, I just didn’t have the energy, stamina or will power to force myself to leave the house.

Although there has been very little improvement, and I feel like death warmed over,  I do feel like I might be starting to turn the corner just a bit, digestion-wise; but being at work, which is a guaranteed 8 hours of stress, may push me in the other direction. If I weren’t worried about feeling better for the trip this week, I might have pushed myself harder to go in, given it’s a 3 day week and today’s a Monday, both of which “look bad.” However, being home allows me the comfort of being close to bathroom facilities, meds, plenty of liquids and, most importantly, will allow me to get more rest. Not eating, not sleeping well, and having a digestive system that is working overtime to digest even the meagerest of foods and liquids I can tolerate, for days on end, is exhausting, and I’m back to being winded when I cross the room. Doesn’t help that I’ve lost 10 more pounds in the last week.

So I’m putting my health before my professional obligations and staying home in bed today. I hope it helps and that I’m able to get to and through work the next two days without any major repercussions.

Fingers crossed.

7 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. Oh wow. I hope you turn the corner soon. I’m sorry to hear you’re in such pain and discomfort. Let your body rest, and maybe read a few comics while you’re at it. It usually works for me.


  2. These awful ‘phases’ are terribly upsetting to read, S/b – but how much harder must they be to you who’s experiencing them. I do hope this current one will soon be consigned to the past and you can get back once more to actual living in the truest sense. I can assure you that yours won’t be the only fingers crossed for better things to come your way. Thinking of you – and damn seriously too!


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