Respite for Rehoboth

I am very happy and grateful to report that we made it to Rehoboth Beach yesterday without incident. Despite being close to calling it off Thursday night (as it was, we had to cancel our plans to head out Thursday night to visit this blogger buddy, who was incredibly understanding about it all, which meant a lot to me – not all my friends are so forgiving,) I had a very fortunate upswing in health, come Friday Morning, and felt well enough to finish packing the car and head out for the 6 our drive. We met the guys at the house yesterday afternoon, unpacked the cars, set up house (we love it!), and had some time to relax before doing a brief walk about into town. The humidity was almost unbearable, especially in my fatigued state, so it was a short excursion before I needed to head back to the house to rest and freshen up before dinner. Later, we had a perfect inaugural dinner at Eden. I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so was able to enjoy about half of my delicious Halibut and Risotto meal before my body said enough. The ambience, service, and food was wonderful and a perfect way to start off Jeffrey’s birthday weekend. We did a short walk through town before heading to the house for a nightcap.  I was done in and more than ready to say good night.

We’ve enjoyed a first morning’s breakfast at the house, and I’m gathering my energy for another trek into town, followed by a day lounging by the pool.  I am so grateful my health is holding up.  I will be very careful to rest, hydrate, and moderate my food intake to insure the best chances of remaining issue-free for the remainder of the weekend.

Here’s hoping.

5 thoughts on “Respite for Rehoboth

  1. Glad you’re enjoying your visit to Rehoboth. I’m glad I’m missing that Rehoboth humidity. We’ve had a lot this summer. Even here in Canada (Hamilton) where I am now we’re getting humidity although probably not as bad as you’re experiencing in Rehoboth.


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