Three is a magic number 

I survived another day. Just have to make it 3 more days. Sigh.

I made another cake today using this:

And the recipe on the back:

And this is what it came out looking like:

It’s flatter than yesterday’s cake, but the directions yesterday said to put it in a loaf pan and today’s directions were for a larger cake pan, so that’s mostly why. 

Both cakes came out moist and surprisingly light (as opposed to dry and dense, which is more typical for gluten free products.) Yesterday’s cake tasted lemony (due to the lemon zest). Today’s cake tastes coconut-ty, due to the coconut flour in the recipe. I think they both taste delicious, but let’s let Rita Mae tell you what she thinks in her own words:

Nuff said.

(3 More days!)

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