Cake walk 

I baked a cake tonight:

It came out pretty damn great! I found the recipe on the back of this:

I’ll be adding this to my baking repertoire, for sure. Seriously, can’t believe how good it tastes…and I baked it. 

On another note, I’m keeping my eye out for these:

Which contain these:

And placed together, the back of the boxes form this:

So if any of you bloggers or visitors secretly eat these sugar laden treats, and have the boxes or comics up for grabs, let me know. I’ll gladly take them off your hands for you. (Cereal need not be included.)

5 thoughts on “Cake walk 

  1. interesting recipe; I would add 1 tablespoon of vanilla cause I’m all about vanilla! oooh, you could also try almond or orange or lemon extracts also! and fresh fruit season is coming up; imagine that cake with fresh strawberries or raspberries! can you tell I like to experiment? 🙂

    when I go to the store this weekend, shall I look for these boxes?

    I hope you are feeling better; your goal is just around the corner!


  2. Ok now I have to go buy cereal…which is on sale and I have coupons(I know I know) I always look at those bags of flour but since I make so much from scratch it’s cheaper for me to get the 4 or 5lb bags when they are on sale at the store.

    And the cake looks great!



    • We actually had it already. Back when I got our new bread machine, to make homemade gluten free bread, I compiled a list of all the standard gluten free ingredients for baking, and xanthan gum was on the top of the list. Everything I bake uses it.


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