Manniversary # 17

October 2, 1999

October 2, 2016:

Today we celebrate being married for 17 years. 
Few things bring me as much pride and joy as my life and partnership with this guy. We have, literally, survived it all – debt, illness, prejudice, family drama, changes in ourselves and changes in our relationship. Everything that might have (should have?) broken or destroyed us, just made us stronger. Through it all, he has been my rock, my compass, and my cheerleader. First, he took my heart; next, he took my name; then, he took my hand in marriage; finally, he took me on a great adventure that still hasn’t ended!

Happy 17th Anniversary to my husband, Jeffrey. 

15 thoughts on “Manniversary # 17

  1. Hearty congratulations to J and yourself, S/b. You’ve set a fine and lovely example of what’s possible, and we appreciate that it hasn’t easy the whole time. However, what a fabulous achievement! Have a marvellous, well-deserved, truly special day! Please accept all our love-filled cuddles, huggles and XXXXXs.


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