Celebrations and Renovations

We’re back on the tip of the cape at our home away from home, Provincetown.  October 2nd (tomorrow) is our 17th wedding anniversary, and we decided a few months ago to celebrate it here in one of our favorite places, having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Ross’s Grill, a fabulous 2nd floor restaurant with a waterfront view.   Of course, this was all planned  before we decided to go full steam ahead with a kitchen renovation a month ago.  We struggled with whether to cancel this trip or not, as finances are going to be tight for awhile, but we figured we’d do one last hurrah before we tighten the belts and stay home eating Ramen noodles for the next five years while we pay off the kitchen facelift.  (For those who have asked: yes, I am taking copious amounts of pictures before, during and after and will share them here when the project is complete.)

Here’s a sneak peak of what it looked like before the renovation started…


…and what it looks like now



12 thoughts on “Celebrations and Renovations

  1. First my congratulations on 17 years.

    Then of course I have a conundrum – a couple months I bough an inductive cook appliance. I’ve fallen completely in love with the thing. Having accurate temperature control is fantastic. And I find it works with stainless steel bowls, my carbon steel wok, etc. Even works with my big 16qt. stainless steel pot. It’s just my old Farberware 2qt, 3qt and 6qt pots won’t work on it. That stupid aluminum clad bottom.

    And soon I’ll have my sous vide appliance. That’s gonna be fun. It holds liquids at a specific temperature all controlled by my mobile smartphone.

    Now if only the kitchen were better planned but alas, we don’t own it.


      • Yeah, if you look at my culinary expertise from say a decade or so ago to today I’ve made a radical change. We integrate more fruits and vegetables into the diet. And I’ve learned more techniques and methods for food preparation.

        And someone is into perfume – and that sometimes require distillation and I know what ELSE distillation is used for – corn mash whiskey anyone? I’m told I’ll have to get two distillation rigs because heaven forbid a little whiskey get into a perfume oil.

        And then there’s CO2 extraction – that and liquid nitrogen look like great fun.


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