Side By Side


My team bowled Hubby’s team tonight, so we got to bowl together. (Our league utilizes a system that doesn’t allow us to pick our own teams, so Jeffrey and I are on different teams.) It was a nice treat, so we took this picture of us together to celebrate it!

Take a Bow (Tie) Part 2

We wore bow ties (and nothing else) at our male naturist social game night last night, to celebrate one of our member’s recent nuptials. Jim’s is a proper bow tie, which I tied for the first time (and showed off in yesterday’s post.) Mine is a “cheat” that clasps in the back….but now I want a real bow tie!

We had a fun time…but we were the only ones who dressed for the occasion!

Weekend Woes


Yesterday I took a rather difficult promotional exam. Scores won’t come out for 3-4 months a. Afterwords, I took a road trip with the hubby and a friend to explore nearby Towns of Woodstock and Bearsville.


Today, we took my car in for routine service and got slammed with a list of necessary repairs for a hefty sum. Kinda knocked the wind out of our sails, so we came home to mope and soothe our wounded souls (and wallets) with dog time and veggie chili I had cooking in the crockpot.

That’s all, folks.