Weekend Woes


Yesterday I took a rather difficult promotional exam. Scores won’t come out for 3-4 months a. Afterwords, I took a road trip with the hubby and a friend to explore nearby Towns of Woodstock and Bearsville.


Today, we took my car in for routine service and got slammed with a list of necessary repairs for a hefty sum. Kinda knocked the wind out of our sails, so we came home to mope and soothe our wounded souls (and wallets) with dog time and veggie chili I had cooking in the crockpot.

That’s all, folks.

Belated Celebration

We are on the road to Manchester VT for the weekend for our official Anniversary celebration. We’ll be staying at an Inn we’ve never stayed at before and have reservations at two restaurants we’ve never eaten at before, with a jaunt to the outlets and shops to fill the time in between. We’re very excited for this little weekend adventure, and to celebrate our Anniversary in style.

Thanks for all the congrats, gang!

Marry-ly we go along…

15 Years ago, today, Jeffrey and I swapped rings and made a joint decision to walk (stumble?) through life together. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I felt confident that whatever life threw at us, we could and would handle it together. I am amazed at all we have survived and achieved together, and at the bond we have formed.

In many ways, we have veered off the beaten path, and we’ve certainly been making it up as we go along, but somehow, we’ve made it all work. He continues to amaze me with his unconditional love and support, and I do my best to show my appreciation and gratitude and to never take him for granted. Beyond that, I just keep my fingers crossed that he never wises up and realized he got the short end of the stick with me ;-)

Oh we ain’t got a barrel of money
Maybe we’re ragged and funny
But we’ll travel along singin’ our song side by side

Don’t know what’s comin’ tomorrow
Maybe it’s trouble and sorrow
But we’ll travel the road sharin’ our load side by side

Through all kinds of weather
What if the sky should fall?
Just so long as we’re together
It doesn’t matter at all

When they’ve all had their quarrels and parted
We’ll be the same as we started
Just travlin’ along singin’ our song side by side.