Our Theme Song

Meet Jeffrey, who’s lived most everywhere,

From Southern States to Center Square. 

But Sassy’s only been as far

As places you can get by car

What a crazy pair! 
But they’re husbands

Identical husbands all the way. 

One pair of matching bookends, 

Different as night and day. 
Where Jeffrey adores Burgers ‘n buns

Ole Miss games, and Sonic runs

Our Sassy loves to comic shop

And cosmos really make him hop 

What a wild duet! 
Still, they’re husbands

Identical husbands and you’ll find, 

They laugh alike, they walk alike, 

At times they even talk alike — 
You can lose your mind, 

When husbands are two of a kind.

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 Train of Thought


 Jeffrey and I are on the train to NYC. 

Our friends, Jim (a mainstay at Breen Acres) and his hubby, Ken (aka “the guys”) won a raffle that included breakfast for 6 on Thanksgiving morning, hosted by a couple who live in a Manhattan apartment with a window that looks out over the route of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
By now, you’ve probably realized the guys invited us to be two of the six, although long time readers might snarkily suggest we’re the kind of men who would just show up, uninvited, in the hopes they let us in. Please! Like we’d ever do that….
In the effort to maximize the trip, we are meeting the guys in NYC this morning and staying until Friday. We are all staying at the same hotel, and have plans, later today, to have dinner and see a show (Spring Awakening). It’s not out of the realm of possibility that cocktails may find their way past our lips at some point during the evening, as well.
Tomorrow we’ll meet 2 more friends for breakfast at the “raffled” apartment, then hang out in the city until our dinner reservations.
I’ve never not had Thanksgiving Dinner at home or at my Mom’s. I’ve never been in NYC for Thanksgiving. I’ve never had breakfast in a Manhattan apartment while watching the parade. I’ve never kissed Hugh Jackman. (Hey, all the other “nevers” are happening – I figured I’d throw that in, just in case.)
It should be an exciting trip, and we’re grateful to the guys for inviting us to share this adventure. I hope I get lots of Thanksgiving beads, as I plan on flashing as many people as possible on the parade route. 
That’s a thing, right?

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Sleep Away Camp



If you look in the bottom right corner, you will see Rita Mae and Harvey snuggled up together in their private room, complete with web cam for separation anxiety-ridden puppy parents. They are at a sleep-away Pet Spa until Friday, while we traipse off to NYC for a Thanksgiving adventure.


You’d think, after all this time, it would be easier to leave them for a few days.

It’s not.

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Dog Dead Tired

We’ve been on the go, and I’ve had no time to blog, so here’s a couple sleepy puppies to give you warm fuzzies until I have the time to compose something more. 

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Infusion Amusement

I’m at my bi-monthly infusion for Remicade. Every 8 weeks, I get to take a half day off from work and come to the infusion lab to have an IV inserted into my arm and an Remicade (an immunosuppressant) pumped into my veins for 2.5 hours. And, yes, that is totally as fun as it sounds.

The truth is, I don’t mind it all that much. Of all the medical appointments and procedures I get to endure, it’s actually one of the most pleasant – if you can actually find a medical procedure pleasant. I get to sit in a comfy chair and catch up on e-mails and Facebook with my laptop (yay free wi-fi!) The nurses in my small infusion center are nice and friendly, and after a year and a half, I’ve gotten very comfortable here.

Occasionally, I luck out and a random, handsome fellow is here getting an infusion at the same time. Today is one of those days. Across from me is the most adorable Scottish man, with the best accent.

It may not be the best place to have to be, but sometimes, you just can’t beat the view.

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Dog Eat Dog

I leave for work an hour earlier than Jeffrey. Every morning, Jeffrey gets up with me and makes us scrambled eggs for breakfast. He always takes a little bit and sets it aside for our dogs. The dogs wait patiently until we are both done eating, watching us closely. As soon as we both put our plates down, they run to the kitchen to get their eggs.

This morning, due to lack of planning, we only had one egg left. Jeffrey scrambled the egg, and set it aside for the dogs. He and I had cereal.

It didn’t strike me odd that we cooked and gave our only egg to the dogs, while both of us went without. I did find it a little funny, however, that it didn’t strike me odd at all. For all the love, affection and companionship they provide, they’ve well earned a little pampering and some sacrifice on our part.

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For the first time in 44 years, I began decorating for X-mas prior to the weekend after Thanksgiving. Normally, I would refuse to hang so much as a sprig of pine or hum a holiday tune until the day after Thanksgiving. But this is also the first year we are going away for Thanksgiving, so we will not be hosting a dinner in our home. After some discussion, we agreed we would start the process yesterday and work on it throughout the week. What would normally be a one full weekend process will now be spread out throughout the week.

It was weird to be decorating this early. I’m certainly not in a positive head space right now, let alone in the “holiday spirit,” so it was all very pragmatic and procedural, with very little joy or festivity infused into the process. It wasn’t awful, just not particularly fun.

Be that as it may, it is good to have a jumpstart on it, given our holiday schedule this year. Hopefully the cheer that usually comes with the season will start to seep in eventually.

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If things look bad, change your view.

Things are a bit better, physically, mentally and emotionally. I still have a few lingering health issues, but I’m definitely headed in the right direction.

Friday was a quiet, productive day at work. I’m trying to stop stressing and just focus on being as productive as I can be. I take my job responsibilities very seriously…but sometimes too seriously. I’m not used to not meeting deadlines or being behind, but I’m doing the best I can with the time and resources I have.

Jim came down to hang out for a quiet weekend of movies, games and cocktails. We had dinner at a nearby, quaint and quiet restaurant last night, then stopped at the grocery store for weekend supplies and returned home for a nightcap and some bad TV.
This morning, we had waffles and Mimosa and watched episodes of “The Mindy Project”, then we left Jeffrey to watch football and we headed downstairs to play Justice League Chess. (See above.)

Sometimes, the best thing to do is just slow down, chill out, and breathe.

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Keep on keeping on

Due to a compilation of work and health stresses that all converged, a couple weeks ago, on a joint moment of immediacy (i.e. “This must be taken care of now”) I found myself in familiar emotional territory – overwhelmed, anxious, angry, and questioning whether and how I could get through it. It would have been hard enough to deal with either work or health – having to deal with both, simultaneously, taxed me greatly.

It is a common idiom that “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Were that literally true, I’m fairly certain I could bench press a house. I fear that, more likely, I have a limited amount of coping ability and each challenge chips away at my reserve. When things crash, it seems to hit me harder, last longer, and have farther reaching negative effects.

I worry about how low I get, and how much harder it gets to plow through; but worrying gets me nowhere so,  despite everything, I just keep plugging along, hoping the same momentum and stubbornness that has gotten me this far, will keep me going.

Sometimes, the only choice we have is to keep on going.

And so I do.

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How I’m feeling lately

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