Harvey says “Hi!”

Hi everyone. Daddy Sassybear has been really busy so he asked me to pop in to tell everyone that he’s OK, and I’m OK, and Daddy Jeffrey’s, OK and everyone is doing well.

My dads have been super busy at work, so I’ve had to manage the household all by myself. I do all the chores, pay all the bills, cook all the meals, and make sure everyone gets their meds, baths, and cocktails.

As you can imagine, I am barely rewarded for my efforts. Sure, I get an endless supply of treats, constant affection and cuddles, continuous praise and all the most comfy spots on the furniture…but where’s my diamond studded collar? My unlimited spending account? My personal live in groomer? When will I be showed the proper appreciation I deserve?

Uh oh…Daddy’s coming. I better hit send before he reads this….

10 thoughts on “Harvey says “Hi!”

  1. So sorry for your plight (overworked and underappreciated) I will try to work on the Dads and see if they will loosen up the purse strings so that you will be “kept” in the proper manner. Hugs


  2. Clearly you are underappreciated, but it is easy to take treats and cuddles for granted until they are gone. Enjoy them while you can.

    Please give your daddies some cuddles on our behalf.


  3. Hello Harvey, our most precious one. Keep on the right side of your daddies and you’ll be fine. Really! You’ve no idea how very lucky you are, so do (continue to be) be good now.


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