Saying Good-Bye (to Roger)

By the time you read this, I will be on my way to, in the middle of, or through surgery, depending on your time zone. My Exploratory Laparotomy and Ileostomy Takedown (aka Bye-Bye Roger) is scheduled for 7:30am this morning, and I have to be at the hospital by 5:45am. I am grateful it is so early. It will be my Surgeon’s first procedure of the day, so he will be fresh and alert and I won’t have to worry about my surgery getting delayed because he’s running behind. It also doesn’t give me time to wait around all morning getting anxious about the surgery.

I believe the surgery will take 1-2 hours, possibly longer depending on how things look. I will be in the hospital for the next 5-7 days, and home recouping for an additional 3-5 weeks.

As you all know, I am not particularly sad to see Roger go. Still, he did save my life, and we have been together, day in and day out, for more than half a year, so it’s the end of an era…a short, 7 month era, but an era none-the less. I am going to commemorate this experience with a new musical I am composing. Here are the possible titles so far:

Wednesday in the O.R. with Roger

Miss Stoma-gone

The Phantom Pain of the Operating Room

More Miserable

Jesus Christ! Stupid Scars!



The Roger Horror Picture Show

42nd Surgery

Sassybear and the Amazing Technicolor Stoma

Sassybear and the Angry Inch of Stoma

Singin’ Through the Pain

What’s your favorite?

If anyone would like to be a patron of the arts, I am accepting care packages of gluten free cookies, giraffe tchochkes, and super-hero themed gay porn.

Stay safe, all. See you on the others side.

14 thoughts on “Saying Good-Bye (to Roger)

  1. It’s nearly 1:15 p.m. here in Spain. You should be just about to start. Looking forward to hearing from you with Roger listening in. Wishing you well and a quick recovery. I can’t decide which title I like best. I’ll let the inspiration take you where it well. Although, More Miserable had me thinking “At the end of the day, you will be without Roger. And there’s much to be said when you are Roger-free.”

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  2. Wasn’t Michael Moore’s first breakout film a documentary about your stoma?

    Honestly I like “Wednesday in the O.R with Roger”. Whatever the title, I am sure there will be good songs: “Never going to leave your side”, “You’ll never digest alone”, “I could have digested all night”, “Everything’s coming up Roger”, etc.


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