Would I “LI“ to you, honey?

Today is a very special day. It marks exactly 4 years (1,461 days) until retirement

Oh, and it’s also my 51st birthday.

Despite the fact that I’m already in my favorite place on Earth, and having a great time, these guys have managed to make it even more special:

The Three Stooges!

We started the day with a short, lovely walk to breakfast at a favorite cafe (Liz’s) in the fresh morning sunshine. After breakfast, the guys surprised (and spoiled) me with birthday gifts back at the condo. (The trip to Ptown was supposed to be my gift.)

Now we’re relaxing in the condo, enjoying the beautiful weather through the open French doors and listening to a playlist of my favorite songs that Jeffrey put together. We will head out in a little bit to do a stroll through town and pick up lunch to bring back to the condo where we’ll play games and maybe have a midday cocktail. Even Roger is behaving, (I bribed him with a new frock first thing this morning.)

So far, it’s been a perfect day!

P.S. Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes and messages. My heart overflows!

18 thoughts on “Would I “LI“ to you, honey?

  1. Ooops… I wanted to say also that I am a huge Friends fan. I could watch that show over and over again and still find something I didn’t catch the first time and truly belly laugh.


  2. Midday cocktails?! Is that what Provincetown does to people??

    Again with the checkerboard ears. I don’t get it.

    It sounds as if you are having a good birthday trip so far. I am glad you were able to go.


  3. I’m sorry I wasn’t online for a bit. Happy Belated Birthday!!

    Congrats on coming to the dark side of 50. I too shall celebrate by having my own countdown. After recent events, I think I know when I’m going to retire too.


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