Fu** Roger!

As you all may remember, the BFJ named my stoma “Roger.” While I loathed the idea of naming it at first, the name has stuck and it has actually become quite handy when talking about it in a way that doesn’t gross people out. For instance:

When it comes time to change my Ostomy “paraphernalia”, I simply say:

“Roger needs a new frock!”

If I am having particular issues, I say:

“Roger is misbehaving today.”

And if things are going well, I’ll say:

“Roger is sleeping.”

Despite trying to take a humorous approach to the situation, it is still quite stressful and humbling at times, and there is occasional discomfort. I share a lot of my woes with my friend, Rob, who also struggles with Chronic Illness, albeit different in nature from mine. We text daily, and our morning texts usually start with “How’s your pain level?” and “How’s Roger today?”

Rob has coined a new phrase that I have fallen in love with. It’s simple and to the point and always makes me chuckle. If I tell him Roger is misbehaving in any way, his his response is always the same:


It gets me every time.

Fu** Roger, indeed!

15 thoughts on “Fu** Roger!

  1. You’re definitely living a more normal life with Roger, no matter how he misbehaves. That I’m thankful for.


  2. I would be cautious about using that phrase in public. There are no doubt people into that kink. (I try not to kink shame, but OMFG)


  3. That’s another interesting topic of discussion, though you may not want to blog about Roger’s details. I understand that. But I would be interested to read about how Roger is behaving, generally.


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