Beggings of a Bad Blogger

I have finally caught up on everyone’s blog. I have been struggling with keeping up on blogs, responding to comments left on my blog, and posting here for a variety of reasons, but I really want to be a better blogger, participate in the community, and do a better job of letting you all know I’m out there following along. (And I am, even if you don’t see my comments. I have you all in my Feedly reader and never miss a post, even if I’m behind on reading it.)

Part of the problem is inspiration…I work from home full time (for now) and don’t get out much. All my activities are home activities and don’t seem worthy of repeated mention. I am weary of boring posts that will turn readers and followers away. As it is, I post dog pics every few days just to keep my blog from seeming inactive entirely.

So, I’m going to pull out the cliche, old-fashioned, blog post pandering in the hopes that it helps get me writing regularly again and eventually fosters my own topics without the need for topic help:

What would you like to see my post about? It could be something specific to my life, or just general topics you enjoy reading about on other blogs. Anything I’ve mentioned in the past you’d like me to elaborate on? While I’d like to promise 100% candidness (which is my preferred way of interacting) I reserve the right to respectfully decline answering on certain topics if they risk causing problems for myself or others, since I’m aware my blog is constantly under surveillance by neer-do-wells and people rarely follow they’re promise to “not judge you no matter what you tell me” bull crap. (Yikes. That’s negative. Good thoughts. Sunshine. Cute Puppies. There…that’s better.) Having said that, I will, do my best to respond to, answer, and/or write about any inquiries or suggestions, to the best of my ability, if I can.

or, if you’d prefer not to read anymore of my drivel and just see more dog pics, say so.

I am all about pleasing the masses.

And cookies.

31 thoughts on “Beggings of a Bad Blogger

  1. I’m always team dog pictures.

    Your post made me reflect on the difficulty coming up with idea for blog posts. Originally, my blog started off as a blog about running, but it looks like Eurovision has taken over. Since I’m struggling through an injury, there has not been too many updates updates on the running front. I guess I could write posts b*tching and moaning about not being able to run or not meeting my running goals.

    Ugh. I went off on a tangent. The point that I’m trying to make: you could use a blog idea generator. Here’s one ( where you enter 5 nouns, and it will 5 topics. Since I would like a gin martini, I put in gin and the generator suggested Gin: Expectation vs Reality as a topic.


  2. Gluten-free food reviews. What foods are good? What foods are not? How do you know what to trust?

    You have a lot of comic books. Which ones stand out to you? Why?

    Similarly, you have a lot of collectibles. Which ones stand out to you? Why?

    I also appreciate life updates, but I am probably one of those neer-do-wells. (I am somewhat curious about your job, but I know that is off-limits.) (I am also somewhat curious about your interesting relationship structure and how you make that work, but that is probably off-limits too.)

    I also appreciate the life updates. Cute dog photos are cute but I don’t always know what to say in response.

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    • All great suggestions and much appreciated. I will definitely be discussing all of these topics, to one degree or another. You may be a neer-do-well, but not one that vexes me in the least, and I always enjoy your comments and rare posts. Sadly, there are some aspects of my life I am not free to discuss at this time, although I share as much as I am permitted to, and would love to be more open about. Guess you’ll have to read between the lines (and you have clearly done so, ya wise little vixen.)


    • Oh yeah, gluten-free food reviews! That’s a good suggestion. Maybe even the occasional gluten-free recipe. You aren’t a food blog, don’t become one. But posting a really good recipe every so often would be nice.


  3. 1. What is your all-time favourite movie and why?
    2. Ditto for book?
    3. Ditto for song/singer/type of music?
    4. Ditto for TV show?
    5. Ditto for sexual kink . . . NO! I didn’t write that — it’s that ne’er-do-well OLD LURKER who snuck on to my comment box!

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  4. I follow your blog regularly from Liverpool, England. I think cocktail recipes are always welcome- Maybe you could test some new ones for us! Iā€™d also be interested in your collections. I recognise some of the characters but the back stories would be good to hear too.

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  5. I read your blog every day (from Australia) and enjoy hearing about your life and activities, no matter how mundane. As a gay man (married to my husband since 2011) I relish the bits of your life that resonate with mine – growing old with the husband, navigating couple life, enhancing relationships, sharing snippets of hobbies and interests, preparing food, doing domestic chores and tasks – and of course, dog pictures. Love it all.


    • Thank you for the feedback, David. I prefer “slice of life” blogs myself. I guess I feel like my life seems more bland than others. But I will continue to post about my daily life, regardless.


  6. Dogs are always a winner. I found theme days to make it easier to figure out something to post. Cookies, the cookie of the week, YouTube of the week, blast from the past,

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  7. I don’t have an issue with any of the posts. Maybe you can get on the “Wednesday” bandwagon that Spo and I do every week. Only I do mine on Monday night or Tuesday night, the same days new manga and comics are published? It’s a good, weekly update.


  8. Cookies!!
    I love the dog pictures, but 100% dog pictures is too much. That’s why you add in other stuff. And you do. I always read whatever you write about, even the “boring” stuff. I just like hearing from you.


    • You name it. Top of my list are peanut butter, oatmeal (with or without raisins), Almond Horns (are they considered cookies?) and then pretty much all the rest…but, as you know, not a big fan of oreos or hydrox, although I WILL eat them (with milk.)


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