Fall of the Fog

It is quite foggy this morning. The first fog of Fall. (I know the official start of Autumn is still a week away, but close enough, and this morning certainly feels like an Autumn morning.) Foggy mornings always remind me of the start of the school year. First day of school in September was often foggy, and I remember often walking through the fog to school. (I don’t have many fond memories of school, which was not a pleasant experience for me, but this is one of the few memories I enjoy.) I grabbed some shots from the front and back of the house:

In relation to the cooler weather (I suppose,) I have been thinking about the upcoming holiday season, which is weird for me because I’ve always been a staunch believer that we do not even discuss such things until the first of November. Perhaps it’s just the need for something to occupy my mind and time, as we continue through a second year of COVID and isolation, but I have X-mas on the brain. I’m about 75% done with my X-mas shopping (all done on-line, of course)and we’ve designed and ordered our holiday cards already, which should arrive Friday. I’ve begun to stockpile delivery boxes for use in packaging and wrapping gifts, and I’m starting to mentally plan our decorating strategy. Oy!

I am also thinking about (and greatly looking forward to) our upcoming vacation in October, if for no other reason than I want (and need) the break from work. We were supposed to be going to Fort Lauderdale with the BFJ and his hubby, but that plan got postponed for obvious reasons. And given the current explosion of transmissions and recommended precautions, this will be exclusively a staycation for us. Short of a few leisure drives to get us out of the house, and perhaps a stroll or two through some deserted nature areas, there isn’t much else we feel safe doing. We’ve discussed possibly going to dinner somewhere, if we can find outdoor seating, but even that seems too risky at this point, so it is unlikely we will do it. We will have to settle for entertaining ourselves at home. I certainly have plenty of hobbies and pastimes to fill my time, and the hubby is pretty content just relaxing at home and not being on a schedule, but it would be nice to be able to do something outside of our daily home life and routine. So I’ll continue to ponder it. It’s times like this I wish we had a vacation home (and the funds to afford one.)

Ah well, que sera sera.

Stay safe, all.

4 thoughts on “Fall of the Fog

  1. It’s good you are able to take some vacation, but I agree that having to stay at home kind of sucks. I am lucky that I can at least ride my bicycle to the countryside.


  2. I hope you get a chance to destress and enjoy your staycation. I miss the fog, and now that I live a lot closer to the coast I might experience it when the weather cools down over here.


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