Can’t you feel a brand new day?

What an amazing day!

I got 7 solid hours of sleep last night and, although I woke up with a little bloat (my body is adjusting to digesting solid food again…all part of the process) I was feeling energetic and ready to have a productive day. The weather was fantabulous, so I opened every blind, window and door, and let the sunshine and cool spring air fill every nook and cranny of the house. I skipped breakfast (aside from coffee) to allow my guts to work on digesting last night’s dinner (fish and green beans) and, after throwing a load of laundry on, I got right to work on my first project in months: reorganizing my closet. We share a walk in closet, off the master bedroom bathroom, which we divide relatively evenly (although I may take up a bit more space than Jeffery.) My plan was to just reorganize my half, as I try to respect Jeffrey’s space in the house, but it’s hard to organize half a closet, so it became a closet-wide reorganization.

This is how it started this morning. No, I do not keep my closet like this – this was after I started making piles of different size clothes

This is how it ended.

The great news is that, although most of my clothes don’t currently fit due to my considerable Crohn’s induced weight loss (56 pounds,) I found several shirts and jeans of smaller size buried among the larger stuff that I can get by with, for now. I hate to buy a bunch of new clothes for my current size until I see how successful I am at keeping the bulk of it off for awhile.

The closet took the bulk of the day but, when I was done, we took Mogo for a drive to the nearest Lowe’s so we could get some plastic shelving units for the storage area of our basement. A family friend came by yesterday and picked up all the office furniture I recently replaced, as well as some other odds and ends furniture we had taking up space in the basement, so we needed some cheap shelves to store the items we had sitting all over the furniture we just gave away. I’m quite happy with our selection, and I think they look great…neat and organized:

So happy with these. (And, yes, that is a giant disco ball you see to the left on top of my green luggage. That will go out to our covered back patio pavilion soon.)

After that was complete, I “decorated” for Easter. While we don’t actually celebrate the holiday (we’re devout atheists) I do have a few Easter themed Peanuts items, so when in Rome…

A cute fabric Snoopy easter basket, filled with two bags of gluten free Jelly Beans, the once a year treat I allow myself on the holiday.
My two easter themed Jim Shore Snoopy figurines.

Next, I set up the back porch and wiped down the furniture in anticipation of being able to start using this space again with the warmer spring weather. Yay!

I can’t wait to have my morning coffee out here again!

That about finished me off, energy-wise, so I called it quits on projects for the day. As the air began to chill, I was running around closing up the doors and windows, when I noticed the beautiful dusk sky out our front door, and couldn’t resist capturing a picture of it for tonight’s blog post.

So beautiful, don’t you agree?

For dinner tonight, I pan seared some fresh cod in olive oil, onions, garlic, and white wine with a small side of green beans. I made myself a very weak cosmo, heavy on the cranberry, light on the vodka, to celebrate my road to recovery and a productive day.

I know this picture does not make the cod look as scrumptious as it actually was (remember, it’s covered in a sautéed onion, garlic and wine sauce) it was actually scrumptious, as was the accompanying cosmo.

We enjoyed dinner and cocktails on the freshly cleaned back porch before the temps plummeted and we had to head inside.

It was so wonderful to be/feel well enough be productive and get so much done today, for the first time in a long time. I am finally starting to feel like areal boy again. Hooray! Unfortunately, I’m not a 100% yet, and still struggling with regaining my strength, coordination, and balance, and inadvertently broke two cherished household decor items as I was moving them to clean. Sigh. Still, it was a great day over all. Hope yours was good, as well.

Stay safe, everyone. The pandemic isn’t over, just because you’re over it.

11 thoughts on “Can’t you feel a brand new day?

  1. Well my lands sugar plum…Id say you had a most productive day! It was certainly nice being able to open the windows this weekend wasn’t it ? Fresh spring air always makes the house feel so good. When home last, I got that same exact shelving for my mother basement. It was so easy to assemble, and gave her ample room to store her over flow of baking equipment and crap.

    I dug out my few Easter decorations too…but no cosmo here. I made a Bees Knees for springs arrival.


    • Cosmos are my favorite (and signature) drink, so I had to start with one. I’ve never had a Bees Knees, so I will try one. What recipe do you use? I found this one:

      2 oz gin
      3/4 oz lemon juice, freshly squeezed
      1/2 oz honey syrup


  2. I’m thrilled you had a productive day and a great dinner. I had forgotten how wonderful the rear porch is now that you’ve redone it. I wish I had one of those myself.


    • I’ve heard that from many people. But this walk-in closet is pretty big, naturally divided for two, and Jeffrey and I have shared everything from the beginning of our relationship: debt, bills, money, accounts, homes, cars, etc., so it really never even occurred to us not to share a closet. (We have two extra closets upstairs in our 2 guest rooms for additional space. Jeffrey uses one for overflow, I use the other. (Kinda the best of both worlds.)


  3. the easter beagle has arrived!

    and I am jealous x infinity that you have a DISCO BALL!

    your porch is as inviting as ever; if not for COVID my fat ass would invite myself over for several cosmos and wonderful conversation.

    you’re back and badder than ever, dear sassy!


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