Have you seen the muffin pan?

Over Xmas, I was going to make cauliflower pizza cups, but I had packed away all of our muffin pans and couldn’t find them in the bins in the basement. I found them when de-decorating, but decided to toss out all the old, icky muffin pans that we had “inherited,” and buy 2 new ones: a mini muffin pan and a regular size one. (For us much as we make muffins, these were plenty.) Then, two weeks ago, I planned to make gluten free popovers and could only find the mini-muffin pan. Had we somehow not ordered a regular size one or, worse yet, ordered it and discarded it? I lost it a bit (I’ve been a wee bit on edge lately – poor Jeffrey. I’m sure it’s no fun having a spouse who has a meltdown over a muffin pan.) After gathering myself, I ordered (another?) regular sized pan, that came in the middle of my recent gut issues, so did not feel up to making them before this morning. Waking up this morning feeling a wee bit better than I have been lately, I put a batch in the oven while Jeffrey and I started the arduous task of assembling my mother’s microwave cabinet we had (belatedly) purchased her for an xmas gift. It had also arrived during armagutton, so I did not feel up to attempting it until today.

Oy vey! Time to bring out the butch!

Midway through assembly, the popovers were done so we stopped for breakfast. They came out ok – very light and airy, but were smaller and less puffy than I was hoping for. Oh well.

Popovers or Pooped-overs?

After breakfast, we finished assembly and delivered the cabinet to Mom’s. As I’ve stated, Mom isn’t really isolating any more. She thinks wearing a mask means she can see any one and go anywhere whenever she wants. So I called ahead and required her to go upstairs before we arrived at her house, where she had to stay until we left. We also double masked for extra precaution. The cabinet looks great in her kitchen and gives her more storage space. She confirmed, after we had left and she came downstairs to see it, that she loves it.

Not my style, but it does match her white appliances and window sill trim (seen to the left.) Plus, its better than the cart she was using.

After that, we ran to the Alterations shop at which Jeffrey had dropped my Marvel Superhero duffle bag off last week to have the zipper repaired. It broke after my first use 2 years ago and I haven’t been able to use it since; but, I LOVE that bag, so I finally found a local shop that would repair it and – VOILA – I finally have my bag back in working order again! Yay!

I’d like to use this as my gym bag, but I’d have to actually go to the gym!

Unfortunately, on the way back from picking up the bag, I started having another round of cramps and by time I was home, I was in a lot of discomfort and had to lay down. (Maybe I overdid it?) While I was waiting for the cramps to subside, Jeffrey tackled the third and final project of the day: our spice shelf (a drawer that pulls out from our cabinet) has been crooked and partially off track since they completed our kitchen renovation a couple years ago. We’ve always wanted to fix it, but were afraid what seemed like a simple task would turn into a nightmare. We worried for nothing. In 20 minutes, Jeffrey had removed the screws of one track, adjusted and marked it, and reattached it. No more wobbly off track spice drawer. It’s crazy we put up with that for 2 years for such a simple fix. We need to start listening to and trusting our inner lesbians.Not all repairs are beyond us. (No pics, so you’ll have to take my word for it – it’s fixed!)

I’m sure there’s a lesson about not waiting so long to make simple repairs, but I just can’t seem to figure it out.

So, it wound up being very productive day after all and, aside from the killer cramps (which have subsided, thankfully), it was a good day overall.

Tonight, we enjoyed a live streaming piano concert by our friend from Provincetown, Gerald Goode.

A pleasure to listen to AND look at!

Finally, it just wouldn’t me my blog if I didn’t include pics of my Pride and Joy (why didn’t I just name them that?)

Harvey’s Head Shot
Rita in Repose

Tomorrow, it’s a lazy day of reclining and relaxing (we hope.)

Stay safe, all!

6 thoughts on “Have you seen the muffin pan?

  1. You do know they make pans specifically for popovers. It occurs to me I’ll have to buy one again. The other one was used so much that I had to get rid of it. The non-stick had peeled on it.

    It’s funny I was thinking about popovers and dutch babies today too. Both are scrumptious.


  2. I have the opposite..a regular muffin pan and an extra large muffin pans that just makes six that I use for muffins and popovers……well I have a mini muffin pan but I use it for making lotion bars and such so I wouldn’t pit edibles in it, lol..Adorable puppies.


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