It’s been a quiet (and bitter cold) day here. After our breakfast and coffee, we finished up a few minor house projects to return our house to pre holiday status: replaced the white “Christmas curtains” with our year round more colorful ones and moved a loveseat from the bedroom to the living room, which was previously moved to make room for the tree. It’s nice to have our house fully back in order again.

Then, we got showered, shaved, and dressed for today’s errand.

All gussied up in my new Green Lantern sweatshirt, a Christmas gift from the BF’s hubby.

We “owe” my Mom a new microwave cart/cabinet. We offered to buy her one for her Christmas present, but it would have to wait until after the holidays. Well, it’s after, and she’s excited to get it, so we had to put our money where our mouths are and get her one. We had hoped to purchase one at a local store and do curbside pick up today (still Pandemicy out there, folks, so still no unnecessary in store browsing) but we overestimated the availability of something we thought was fairly commonplace and would be in stock somewhere. Wrong. Instead, we ordered it on line (not Amazon, promise!) and it will be delivered in 7-10 days. While we are completely fine with that, and prefer to shop this way anyway, we wanted my Mom to have the cabinet sooner, if possible. Oh, well.

Since I no longer needed to go out to help Jeffrey lift a heavy furniture box, Jeffrey went out into the cold for groceries all by his lonesome (bless his heart) and I stayed at home with the puppies, snuggled under a blanket, reading digital comics on my iPad. I did throw a load of laundry on so it wasn’t a totally unproductive day. (Side note: Laundry used to be a 2 hour affair. Wash, dry, fold, put away. These days, It’s more often a 1 – 2 day affair: we throw it in the washer in the basement….hours go by before we remember to move it to the dryer…sometimes it makes it upstairs on the same day, sometimes not. And it gets folded and put away – eventually.)

An hour or so into reading, I got hungry for lunch, so I popped open my new Keto Gluten Free cookbook, found a simple recipe for chicken bacon Dijon lettuce wraps, and whipped some up. Jeffrey got home just in time to share it with me (Damn him!). Then we enjoyed a quiet afternoon on the couch, he on his laptop, ever shopping for the perfect dream home to buy when we win the lottery (I kid you not) and I on my iPad reading more digital comics. It was so quiet and comfy, in fact, I nodded off to sleep sitting up and napped a bit. (Something I rarely do even when I try to – napping does not come easy to me.)

Tonight, we have a zoom cocktail hour with friends, so Jeffrey will start a fire and I’ll whip up something for a quick dinner beforehand and a batch of cocktails for our chat.

It was a welcome low key Saturday after an emotional week of returning to work full time (still from home, thankfully) and the not-shocking-at-all treasonous behavior from the child-in-chief and his cronies.

Here’s hoping our Sunday turns out to be as blissful.

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