Obligatory First Snow Post

Welcome to my world.

It snowed about 3 feet here. It took two rounds of shoveling (once in the AM; once in the PM) to get clear. The picture above is our back yard, and for those who have dogs, you understand you’re not done when the front porch and driveway are cleared. There’s also the much needed dog path in the back yard.

We’d lose both dogs in the snow without this.

We’re both getting way to old for this crap!

21 thoughts on “Obligatory First Snow Post

  1. Hopefully by now you are sitting in front of the fire and nursing cosmos. Sorry that you had to shovel so much (and twice at that)
    I am sure the pups are grateful for their path to the outdoors. Hoping the snow is over and you can relax and rest.


  2. Ah, I remember digging those snow paths for our Pomeranians when we lived in Pennsylvania and endured many winter snowmaggendons. Now we have no dogs (can’t take the losses anymore) and no snow (at least this last one). Your picture of the snow run brought back fond memories.


  3. That is a lot of work. I’d definitely get a blower to take care of that stuff at my old age. I’m not sure my shoulders would like all of that shoveling.


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