Once again, despite promising myself otherwise, I overate. It’s hard not to do when spending a holiday with Jim and Ken. Ken is an incredible cook and makes as much of the food (snacks, appetizers, meals, and desserts) gluten free as possible. I’m grateful it’s not all gluten free so I can pretend to exercise some semblance of restraint by not eating everything.

It’s been a lovely visit. Their house is beautifully decorated (as always) and conversation and cocktails flowed easily. Here’s a small sampling of their decoration:

A bad pano shot of their beautiful blue and silver living room.
Above the kitchen cupboards
One of their 9 trees.
I’ll let you decide which I am.

It felt good to hug them both, and see they’re dog, Quinton again.

Apparently, hosting us is quite exhausting.

We started the morning with breakfast then, per tradition, we retired to the family room to watch the Macy’s Day Parade while Ken finished up dinner prep. Admittedly, we recognize fewer artists and celebrities each year and don’t really enjoy most of the songs, aside from the Broadway acts and marching bands, but tradition is tradition, so we watch.

We had a surprise drive by from friends taking an annual motorcycle ride. They stood safely distant in the road and we did a quick hello from the porch. It was great to see them again.

Then we had a group zoom chat at noon with the folks who would have otherwise been here for dinner. We all had Prosecco and toasted to our continual health and fortune.

Then the gut-splitting meal with all the usual fixings.

After, we fought drowsiness as we continued with tradition and watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving followed by A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Now we’re playing Skip-Bo, listening to holiday tunes, and feeling pretty damn sated and content. A lovely ending to a lovely day.

I’m so glad we got to spend this day with our chosen family. While I’ll be sad to leave them behind, I am excited to head home tomorrow and hold my precious pups in my arms once again.

Hope you all had a safe, peaceful, enjoyable day, whatever you did and wherever you are.

10 thoughts on “Stuffed

  1. Y’all truly go to town on Xmas decs, don’t ya? These are just as amazing as your own – a feast for the eyes, a Xmas ‘fairyland’ one might say, and so much Xmas spirit to share (I bet)..
    ‘Rockin’ around the ChrissMISS tree have a happy holiday…….’


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