Independence Gay

How do the gays celebrate the 4th of July?

Let me show you how we do it, Sassybear style.

First, we organize our closet and drawers:

Sorted socks…


…uncluttered undies…


…and organized outer garments.


Then we scour the master bath:


FYI: This is GREAT for removing shower glass door water mineral build-up!


Then, we put all our cleaning tools away, shower, put on comfy clothes, and start dinner.

First, we mix up a nice light summer cocktail, such as a Ruby Red Cosmo…


Then, we grill up Turkey Burgers and seasoned potatoes, for a fulfilling fourth meal.


Finally, we select some of our favorite gay flix for viewing.


This, my friends, is how we have a fabulous fourth.

And, just so there’s a little more stars and stripes in my post, here are three of my favorite comic book American-themed super-groups:




Patriotic P.S.

Here’s a Puppy Pic, but not mine. This is the BF, Jim, and his precious puppy, Quinton:


OK, Fine, here’ s my little pups, too, resting after a long day of…resting.


Patriotic P.S.S.

I got this fun Giraffe art paint-by-number in the mail. I can’t wait to work on it.


Happy (and safe) 4th of July, all!





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7 Responses to Independence Gay

  1. Urspo says:

    Such fun photos! I liked the undies.


  2. “How do the gays celebrate the 4th of July?” – just like the rest of us! except mine was minus cleaning and cosmos and grilled food. can’t wait to see your artistry on the giraffe!


  3. Ravager619 says:

    I’m glad you had a great Fourth. I’m holding off on my cleaning until the weekend. Maybe.


  4. javabear says:

    You guys are such fast-paced trend setters. Your pups are living the life I desire. Also, love the fellow with the flag themed pool float. 😉


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