Thank you Stonewall rioters

If not for the brave queers who resisted and rebelled, I would not be who, what, or where I am today:

a 48 year old, out gay man, married to another out gay man for almost 20 years, openly gay manager of a government agency, living in a suburban neighborhood with my rainbow flag proudly flying in front of my home.

There are no words to properly express the depth of my gratitude.

5 thoughts on “Thank you Stonewall rioters

  1. We gays the whole world over owe an ENORMOUS gratitude to those courageous souls who’d just about had enough – and, by God, they showed it! Thank you – Dears all!


  2. Unfortunately, many younger folks in the community do not get the importance of these riots and other events. A couple of months ago, I was outside of the Stonewall, and two of the “kids” smoking did not even know the significance of the bar.


  3. So much progress has been made, and I never thought I’d see gay marriage as a legal option in the USA. As a teacher I can gauge the feelings of my early teen students and I can tell that the attitude towards the LBGTQ community has changed for the better in the last 15 or so years of my career. And these kids are the future.


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