That’s what it’s all a-gout!

A few months ago, a developed a sudden bout of gout, for the first time, in my left foot. I had never had gout before, and had no warning. I went to bed feeling fine, and woke up in the middle of the night with severe pain in my left foot. Wearing a shoe really hurt and, by mid-day the next day, I could barely walk on it. I was fortunate to get in to see my doctor that afternoon, and he diagnosed me with gout. I was prescribed two Meds: one was a pain killer for joint pain, the other treated the gout. Within 24 hours, I was almost back to normal.

A few weeks later, while I was in Phoenix visiting my brother, the gout can’t back in the same foot. I contacted my doctor, and he sent an Rx for the same two Meds into a local Pharmacy. Again, I was feeling much better within 24 hours.

In the middle of the night last night, I had another sudden onset of gout (I assume,) this time in my left wrist. I woke up in pain, unable to get comfortable, no matter how I positioned my hand or arm. Fortunately, I had leftover pain Meds, which have helped mitigate the pain. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t use my left hand for anything, as any attempt to move it or lift anything resulted in pain. My only relief from pain was to avoid moving it or using it. So instead of doing any of the projects I had planned to do today, I have spent the day in a recliner, by the fire, watching episodes of Angel, Friends, and the Orville, napping off and on, as the painkillers cause drowsiness. I have a request into my pharmacy for the gout medicine refill, but it requires an Rx renewal from my doc. I assume my doc will want to see me first to assess my wrist and confirm it is gout. Since it appears I will be getting gout regularly (I have no idea why I’m getting it, all of the sudden) I think it’s time to discuss a more regular treatment or prevention measures. I have tomorrow off, but use of the pain Meds after tomorrow won’t be an option, because I wouldn’t be able to drive or be at work since the pain Meds make me drowsy. But without the pain Meds, my pain level is pretty high.

It’s a medical catch-22.


21 thoughts on “That’s what it’s all a-gout!

  1. Ouch! Sounds very painful, and not a fun way to spend a weekend. In acupuncture school we learned that avoiding red meats and alcohol (wine especially), and eating more fruits (cherries, especially) and drinking more water helps with uric acid build up. Try more complex carbs and avoid the bad ones from breads, sweets, and sodas. That with meds and exercise should help. Good luck!


  2. Oh no! I haven’t disclosed this, but my wrist has been bothering me for about ten days now. In my case it’s an overuse injury, but with my job when would I ever get a break from a computer keyboard?

    Hang in there, and I hope you feel better soon.


  3. Yikes! Horrible, horrible! I used to associate having gout with European monarchs in history, much less so in modern times. It wasn’t that long ago when I discovered just how wrong I was. Of course I knew it wasn’t very pleasant at all, but your experience shows just how nasty it is. Hope you can quickly get through this excruciating phase, one which you could well have done without, only giving you added misery. My thoughts and very best wishes are with you to wave it farewell – fast and for good!


  4. Oh, so sorry to hear this! Contrary to popular belief, gout is not exclusively for the “old”. A friend of mine in his mid-40s got it, but fortunately has been able to manage it effectively. Good luck!!


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