So this happened…


I’ve sifted through the words I could use to express my feelings about seeing these two again – Happy. Joyous. Elated. Thrilled – but none of them seem adequate. Spending time with Spo and Someone was the high point of an already wonderful trip.  Although the visit was far too short, I am grateful for the chance to see them again, and the hearty hugs will hold me over until next we meet again. 

7 thoughts on “So this happened…

  1. MAH-vellous! Without a word of a lie, at first I didn’t recognise Dr Spo, but I do detect that he’s trying like anything to get back to his ‘normal’ self. (It was the shirt that was the giveaway!)
    Here’s hoping that it’s not too long before the group-hug can be repeated.


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