12 thoughts on “For NIFP

  1. So I wanted to share something mildly amusing that your fun and very sweet post elicited from one of my perverted friends. Since I don’t think I’ve ever had a post dedicated to me before (and thank you again!), I shared the link with people (who were naughty and apparently did not leave you any comments, I am noticing; sorry about that). I got back one response bemoaning the waxed look but appreciating the fact that they at least found someone with a hairy chest to portray Wolverine (altho what’s up with the facial hair? Is that his new look?). I pointed out that while I am a fan of fur, it does tend to obscure musculature, which of course superheroes need. This was quickly followed by a comment that apparently, based on their armbands, Wolverine is into golden showers and Flash is into both golden showers and fisting! I almost choked on my lunch laughing! I was familiar with the “hanky code” (at least the major ones like those) but had no idea it also applied to arm bands! Which then immediately led to my friend and I wondering if the models knew, approved, etc.

    All of that is just to again try to find a way to say thank you and let you know you made my week. I hope I can return the favor sometime!


    • I pre-fur fur myself. I was planning to post pics of actual scantly clad male heroes for you, but came across that pic and couldn’t resist. It is funny the discussion it provoked. Glad you all got a kick out of it.


      • Your post reminded me that one year I had a calendar of hot guys naked but body painted in various ways that disguised that fact at first glance. Many looking like super heroes of some sort, but of course they couldn’t go full character due to rights and such. I want to say it was for 2002 or 3, but I’m not sure. The artist was in San Diego, but I can’t recall his name.


    • It’s an acronym for “No Internet Footprint Please”. Unfortunately, I’ve really come to dislike it. GOOD acronyms should be pronouncable as a word, in my opinion. I’ve already switched to Infinite Jester on other forums for that very reason (an homage to one of my favorite novels, Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace). I’ll probably do so hear soon.


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