It’s been a rough couple of weeks, many highs and many lows, but I haven’t been able to put into words the emotions I’ve been feeling about life, the universe and everything. I’m working on narrowing my view down to just my day to day life, so as not to become overwhelmed and immobilized by the ongoing tragedies in our world. One thing I’ve noticed, with my new focus….

….I really need to clean my refrigerator.

(This blog post brought to you by the compelling need to prove I’m still here, just unusually quiet.) 

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3 Responses to Minutia 

  1. I just cleaned mine Saturday. A very worthwhile chore it was.

  2. wcs says:

    Cleaning one’s refrigerator is a very satisfying accomplishment. It takes a lot of screwing up of one’s courage to get started, to move past that inertia, but once you do, it’s fun. No, really. 🙂 It’s one of those “why didn’t I do this sooner” kind of things.

  3. javabear says:

    Hugs from your admirers in South Carolina!

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