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>Obligatory Mother's Day Post

> I am not comfortable with the idea that parents should be loved and forgiven no matter what solely because they are our genetic reasons for being. I know some horrible stories about the way mothers have treated their children … Continue reading

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>Green Day

> I don’t really care about St. Patrick’s Day itself one way or the other. Mostly because it’s a religious holiday and celebrates someone (who, ironically, wasn’t Irish) who is part of an organization (the Catholic Church) I don’t support … Continue reading

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>Even scrooges have traditions

> Lest you all think I am some kind of Grinch-beast, know that the emotions and feelings I express here on my blog about the holidays are not shared outside of this electronic “purge vault.” In the real world, I … Continue reading

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>The Most Dreadful Time of The Year

> Two days away from the big holiday everyone has been preparing for and squawking about since Halloween. I once again focus on December 26th when it will all be over for another year. I made honest efforts to get … Continue reading

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>Sing, we joyous, all together….

> In a continuation of our 2010 holiday events, we attended a “Holiday CD” sing-along party last night. Our friend, Bill, is a musician (one of several in our group) and has a mini recording and remixing “studio” (aka spare … Continue reading

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>Cookie Night

> Well, we survived and the cookies came out OK. It was a LOT of work, but we had fun doing it (more the cocktails and the music than the actual baking) until we started getting REALLY tired. The last … Continue reading

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>Scenes from an Idle Eyes Holiday Party

> Just a few pics from our 2010 Holiday Party. I didn’t get as many pics as I planned and I didn’t get a picture of everyone there (Boo!) We had a bout 40 people. Here’s who made it on … Continue reading

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>Pre-Party Post

> Tonight’s our big gay holiday party at Chez Breen, so no time to sit and compose a post. Wish you could all be here to celebrate with us. Here’s a little holiday spirit ala Glee. It’s moments like that … Continue reading

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>Ta Daa

> We finished decorating Chez Breen today and are now ready for our party next weekend. We went out last night and saw “Burlesque” with friends. Umm…Stanley Tucci (an actor I’ve always had wet nipples for) is hot on a … Continue reading

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>Thanksgiving at Chez Breen 2010

> I had a great time! L-R: Tony, Mark, Tom, Ulysses and hubby Jeffrey

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