Inauguration After Thoughts

Jeffrey and I took the day off yesterday, unsure if it would be a day of celebration or a day of shock and horror. We are relieved it was the latter. We did not watch any coverage of the blot on humanity’s departure; instead we watched only coverage of inauguration prep and arrivals. Here are my favorite moments of the day:

A reporter announcing the arrival of “Michelle Obama and her husband, the former President.” Awesome!

Getting goosebumps when Lady Gaga passionately sang the National Anthem.

Feeling an overwhelming sense of joy when Kamala Harris smiled at the end of her Oath.

Watching Amanda Gorman, the first National Youth Poet Laureate, touch a nation with her words.

Hearing “President Joseph Biden” for the first time.

Seeing all the masks and watching everyone fist bump.

Watching the new first family walk to the White House.

President Biden (I’ll never tire of saying that) has hit the ground running, repealing discriminatory executive orders, rejoining WHO and the Paris Climate Accords. Stopping the wall and the pipeline. Creating a fair path for citizenship. But my favorite part thing so far – Biden addressed his new staff and his expectation of behavior:

I’m not joking when I say this: If you’re ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect or talk down to someone, I promise you, I will fire you on the spot — on the spot. No ifs ands or buts. Everybody is entitled to be treated with decency and dignity. That’s been missing in a big way the last four years. We’re going to be judged whether or not we restored the integrity and competency in this government. I need your help badly.

You’re engaged in and you’re working with the most decent government in the world. And we have to restore the soul of this country. And I’m counting on all of you to be a part of that – it’s not hyperbole. You work for the people.

The only thing I expect with absolute certainty is honesty and decency, the way you treat one another, the way you treat the people you deal with.

That, my friends, is a President. Bravo, Mr. President. Bravo!

Super Frenzy

My first exposure to Superheroes was the Saturday morning cartoon “Super Friends.” Although the original teen sidekicks were the non-powered Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog:

I loved their replacements better: The siblings from planet Exor: the Wondertwins Zan and Jayna and their space monkey, Gleek.

That sparked a life long love affair with Superheroes and Comic Books, and the Wonder Twins remain two of my favorite characters (even though their considered jokes by most comic fans.)

So, when I found out Funko Pop! was putting out a replica Hall of Justice (the Super Friends headquarters) I just had to obtain one, along with a complete set of Funko Pop Super Friends. I received the last piece today (Aquaman) and now my set is complete.

And, yes, the Wondertwins are touching fists. You can practically hear them shouting “Wondertwin powers activate!”

Shape of a Fanboy! Form of a sweet collection!

Turnarounds and Titanics

Well, after 9 long days, my health has finally started to turn around. It’ll be another week or two of super careful eating and extra rest, but I should be back to normal before too long.

Just in time to enjoy the last couple hours of my 4 day weekend.

Fortunately, I go back to work tomorrow. Oh, how lucky am I?


Jeffrey and I started discussing vacations we could take and dream destinations we could visit (post-pandemic, of course.) I had once thought a cruise would be an ideal vacation for us, but the more research I do about them the less convinced I am that it’s right for us. I have a lot of concerns about them. So my questions to all of you:

Have you ever been on a cruise? When?

Did you like it? Why?

Would you go on another?

If you’ve been on multiple ones, what keeps you coming back?

What are two pieces of advice you’d give? “Always….” and “Never…”

Best thing about a cruise?

Worst thing about a cruise?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Singing in the pain, just singing in the pain

Believe it or not, this idea came to me while I was laying awake last night, and although the original (brilliant) lyrics I thought up escape me, I couldn’t let go of the idea, so without further ado, I present to you..

“My least favorite things.”

(Sung to the tune of “These are a few of my favorite things” from “The Sound of Music.”)

Bezoars and gas pockets trapped in my tummy
Products that help me but rarely taste yummy
Slowed down digestion with sharp crampy stings
These are a few of my least fav’rite things

Strict liquid diets, martinis excluded
Exhaustedly staying in my bed, secluded
Bad outcomes haunting my imaginings
These are a few of my least fav’rite things

When my body
Quits digesting
All the food I’ve had
I simply give in to the ensuing pain
And then I get realllllllll-y sad

So what’s the point of my Crohn’s attack story?
IBS sucks and the details are gory
And though chronic illness can sure clip my wings
It helps if I blog share my least fav’rite things.

(What? You mean to tell me you don’t also work through your own personal pain by doing parodies of songs from favorite musicals?)

Forging ahead

Two qualities that have served me well are Endurance and Perseverance (aka Grit.)

When you have a chronic illness you have to make a choice early on as to how you’re going to handle it. With despair or with determination. My pragmatism demands I accept the things I cannot change, so I just grit me teeth and get through it.

The same holds true for the rest of my life. Whenever things get seemingly unbearable, I try to focus on a point in time ahead that I will be past whatever it is that’s vexing me, and steel myself to endure until I make it through and get there. (Retirement, for example.) What might appear as confidence or contentment on the surface, is really just my acceptance of the inevitable: it is what it is and my only way out is through.

After all, I figure, if other people can find a way to forge through life, overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, and getting through everything life has thrown at them, why shouldn’t I?

And at least I get to do it with cute puppies.

See? Always a silver lining.

Good news Bad news


Another bad health day, but I’m tired of talking about it so I’ll leave it there.


The House impeached Herr Dump. Now let’s hope the Senate does the right thing and disbars him from holding public office again, among other things. Then I want to see him rot in jail while his bankrupt empire crumbles.

Bite-size Body Guard

Above you see my little body guard.

I am still in the throes of yuchy-guts-palooza (which comes with sides of fatigue and chills). As I finish my exhausting, stressful work day, I head upstairs to retire to the loveseat in front of the fire, and he is right there on my lap, guarding me from any harm. And he won’t budge unless I do. He takes this duty very seriously, and wont hesitate to let out a very soft growl under his breath if anyone approaches me. (He never snaps or gets louder. I think it’s more of a “Be careful” than an actual threat.) And every once in a while, he will walk up to my face to sniff and maybe give me a quick kiss, then immediately return to his sentry position.

I think he’s checking to see if I’m dead.

What a guy!