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Adult Toys

Nothing reminds me I’m a grown up more than getting excited over a new kitchen appliance. The little food processor on the left is the first (and only) food processor I’ve (we’ve) ever owned. We got it as a wedding … Continue reading

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La Familia

I don’t feel trapped with these three…I feel damn lucky!

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Hello, 49!

I thought it was going to be a low-key birthday weekend of quiet, rest, and solitude with me, Jeffrey and the dogs. Wrong! Much to my pleasant surprise, this guy came to celebrate my birthday with us: I haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Scraping Bottom

I’m trying so hard to adjust my attitude about work. I keep repeating it’s just a job. It’s not worth the anxiety and stress and anger and frustration it fills me with day in and day out. I just need … Continue reading

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Truth in advertising

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Nature sucks!

Today, a Bee found its way into our screened-in back porch, probably during one of the thousands of times throughout the day we opened the screen door for the dogs to go out and back in. Rather than kill it, … Continue reading

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Where’s Harvey?

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Nothing like a cute guy with a nice ass

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Let me see…

Yep, it’s still pandemicy out there…

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A breath of fresh air

Friday’s cake was a big hit. We finished it up for lunch yesterday.  It was a little dry, but not as dense as other gluten free baked goods. Next time, I’ll add mayonnaise or apple sauce to try to moisten … Continue reading

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