Even the word “love” seems like an underrated term for what I feel for this guy.

Also, we’re watching “Schitt’s Creek” through from the beginning, again, which inspired this meme:

13 thoughts on “FYI

  1. It’s a good thing Harvey is photogenic. Can you imagine the catastrophe if you were obligated to blog about an ugly dog?

    Javabear has me beat. I have not seen a single episode of Schitt’s Creek, although boy howdy does it show up in a lot of reaction gifs.

    Despite never having seen the show I can confidently assert that your opinion is incorrect, thanks to Waylon Smithers and Mr Burns.


  2. How can anyone NOT love Harvey to bits….. and more? It just ain’t humanly possible – AND he deserves it. (Maybe knows it too).


  3. Harvey is a great beginning for a three-day holiday weekend! Thank you for letting us all visit with him. Not too impressed with the TV “Schitt’s Creek” show but that’s just me. Have a great long weekend! 🙂 Naked hugs!


  4. Awww he’s adorable!!!
    And I have shipped David and Patrick from the jump. Talking about that, I should do a rerun of Schitt’s Creek. I usually skip the first season. I like the later seasons, when Dan Levy started taking writing credits…



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