Sassybear’s Sunday 7

Something I thought about:

How fickle life is. I recently reconnected with a cousin I was previously only light acquaintances with. We were having fun getting to know each other again. Then she died suddenly Friday night. Very jarring and sad.

Something I saw:

A lots of fun things at various antique and curiosity shops:

Something I heard:

A recorded performance of “Soon in the morning I will rise” by the Capital Pride Singers, an LGBTQ+ chorus I helped found, performed in, and was President of for several years. I found it while scrolling through my iTunes library. It brought back fond memories of singing with a group on stage. I miss it.

Something I tasted:

An amazing pork loin with shredded sweet potato side for my early birthday dinner with the BFJ.

Something I learned:

If Mogo’s (my car) fuel filler door is slightly ajar, my car will make a funky sound when I lock it.

Something I accomplished:

I found my work laptop power cord, which I thought I had lost, which relieved a lot of anxiety for me.

Something I bought:

A few new items for my various collections: Rainbow dishware, Giraffes, Snoopy dishes, and a Batman Beyond statue

12 thoughts on “Sassybear’s Sunday 7

  1. OMG sorry about your cousin!
    Very jarring, indeed. But also, my grandma would say that such is life.

    I love the idea of going to thrift shops and taking pics. Have never done it. You may have started a trend. Love the hats! And the glasses. BTW, you’re giving me Hot German Instructor on Vacation in Vienna Looking for Ringstrasse vibes in that second pic. Just letting you know.


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  2. Yes, life is fickle. People make sudden exits from our lives: sometimes because they die, sometimes because they drop contact, sometimes for other reasons.

    Did Jeffrey really call and say you could buy whatever you wanted? How thoughtful of him! I am glad you showed restraint and did not overload the car going back home.

    Something I learned: you helped found a chorus?? I am in awe. But it sounds as if you don’t sing these days?


  3. Take time, and take care of yourself.
    Power supplies, I bought a couple of extras on Amazon, so I don’t have to move them, I keep a spare in my travel bag. The office IT folks acted like a second power supply would bankrupt the western world, it was like $15 online.

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    • I usually leave my power cord at home in my home office, since the “hub” I connect at work also acts as a charger. In this instance, I moved it to work upstairs and put it in the side zipped pocket of my laptop bag (which I never do) and failed to look there during my initial panic search.

      Our agency had grown quite stingy and will not spend a cent they don’t have to, so I’ve taken to buying my own work supplies as needed, to avoid the 5 day back and forth with purchasing yo get a box of file folders approved. Sigh.

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  4. I’m sorry to hear about the cousin. That’s my biggest fear about talking with friends now that we’re all over 50. You never know when it will all end.

    I see a Beyond Batman!


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