Cinco De Meow

I crawled out of bed at 4 am this morning so I could be up, out the door, in the car, and on the road to the BFJs house in CT before the start of my workday at 7am. We were originally planning to celebrate my birthday early, since he won’t be able to join us for the real one on the Cape in two weeks, but he’s just getting over a bout of acute bronchitis and a sinus infection; so, instead, we will have a low-key weekend of movies, blankets, Skip-Bo, and boy talk.

Since I would be working today, I packed up my portable desk and other office sundry, which I promptly set up in the living room upon arriving

My office away from office.

The BFJ worked from his house today, as well, in his office upstairs. They (the BFJ & his hubster) are having work done in an adjoining room of the house from where I was stationed in the living room so, when it came time for a conference call, I found another spot in the house in a spare room I never go in. And get this: The !&@$-)?!*# BFJ has an extra desk with a large monitor that can be hooked up to a laptop and used as a makeshift office.


Are you KIDDING me with this?

So I asked him why the hell he didn’t tell me this so I didn’t have to lug my portable desk and large monitor with me. His response:

“I just assumed you were excited to bring your new collapsible desk to work on.”

The BFJ (That face isn’t as innocent as it looks!)

Sigh. One of these days….

The BEST part of my day was getting a visit from THIS beautiful lady: Gracie aka “Little Miss Gracie May” (Not to be Confused with Little Miss Macy Gray!)

How could I not put everything on pause so she could put every paw on me? She is a beautiful furry angel, and quite particular with whom she shares her affection, so I always feel special and honored when she (ahem) GRACES me with her presence. (See what I did there?) Howevet, my lap was missing the requisite blanket, so she did not linger too long. Damn!

In other news, I am doing well on Noom, and have lost about a third of the weight I want to lose. This weekend will be a good test to see if I can maintain my discipline, step goals, and good, healthier food choices when I’m away from home. I brought a few things with me to help me stick to my plan, but bad choices are never completely out of reach, so I’ll have to be careful with what I put in my mouth! (Talk about low hanging fruit! Have at it, folks!)

Happy Friday and Weekend and Cinco De Mayo and anything else you can think of that lifts your spirit and puts a smile on your face today.

Stay safe, all!

8 thoughts on “Cinco De Meow

  1. Oh Harvey is going to be jealous that you paused your workday for Gracie but make him wait until working hours are done.

    Well, now that you know BFJ has a spare office you can hop over to his house and work from home whenever you like.


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