16 thoughts on “Weight for it…

    • I agree with your sentiment, and I preach the same. I am always weary about expressing my attitudes about my own personal self, lest they inadvertently offend others. The standards I hold myself to have nothing to do with how I see other people. but it is a fact that I struggle with my weight, and humor is my coping mechanism. My main rule is any humor I expressed about it has to be directed at myself, because I would never intentionally make a joke at someone else’s expense.

      I have tried to embrace my size as who and what I naturally am and have come to be, but I feel out of place in my own skin, so I need to try to increase my comfort the best I can. I am horrified when anyone tries to put such expectation on others. I would trade my need to maintain a certain size for the self-love and confidence others have, to be happy as they are, any day! I’d even be much happier I’m sure. Sigh.


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