Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah!

So….there’s a been a lot of mumbling lately about another blogger get together. Many of us love the idea, but no one really knows quite how to get the ball rolling. Where to meet up? When?

Nobody wants to leave anybody out, that’s for sure. But I think it will be impossible to pick a place and time that will be possible and convenient for everyone. Instead, maybe we could start an annual blogger get together, and pick a new time and location each year to allow for different folks to attend. Yes, no, maybe?

Since I generally have the means and ability to travel (barring any health issues) I am probably more capable of traveling. While I would be happy to host – or be the central gathering spot – for a blogger get together, this location (Capital District/Upstate NY) offers very little in the way of entertainment, so I doubt it’s a location anyone would want to or enjoy traveling to. Obvious places are bigger cities, like NYC, where people might be otherwise interested in visiting anyway.

I’m definitely willing to be a part of the planning, although I’d prefer it be a less formally organized event and a more of a “let’s all try to be in the same place at the same time and get together for dinner/drinks, or a social gathering.”

I think the first step is to discern who might be interested, if it were possible, to meet up with a bunch of bloggers. If you are, leave a comment on this post with the following info:

Where you’re located.

If you think your location would be a good place to consider gathering.

If you want to be part of the planning.

Would you be interested/able/prepared to travel somewhere to do a meet up.

If a group thing doesn’t float your boat, would you want to be a stop on the Sassybear: 2023-2024 Blogger meet-up tour?

All ideas and suggestions welcome.

22 thoughts on “Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah!

  1. I would love to meet up. Not sure how far I can travel. I am located in Columbus Ohio. I think it would be a really nice place to visit. My place is small, so I can’t really host. Not good at planning. I don’t think I can do this year, but would love to try and meet up next year.

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  2. I would love to go to a meetup!
    I tried to get together with some of my tribe right before the pandemic hit (I was the one Lurkie mentioned was gonna meet with Anne Marie and Maddie) but alas, no luck. I am in Chicago (you mentioned a big city?) and I think that people could come and visit. I am technically in the suburbs, but I am familiar with the city and could help organize things. I have more time during the summer, so that would be my ‘time’ to do a road trip, if people decide to meet somewhere else…



  3. I’m not a huge fan of traveling nowadays. I’ve always wanted to do the virtual version, but I have no idea if people are using Zoom, Google, or whatever to do that.


  4. I am in the DC burbs, we travel a little (I am on an Island off the coast of Iceland this morning) the middle to upper east coast is easy for us. We have family and friends in northern Indiana and Cleveland, so we are off in that direction a couple of times a year, DC is a fun place to meet, but it is expensive. Baltimore, Philly, and NYC are good options. Something with a major airport, and Amtrak probably makes it easier.


  5. I hope Maddie sees this. I don’t think Dr Spo will unless you poke him — he usually reads his blogroll on Sundays. I do not know whether Ron in Delaware would be available to attend, but somebody should poke him as well.

    Honestly I feel as if you and Sixpence should get together and make this happen. Hopefully somebody else becomes enthusiastic enough to help organize, but I do not know that this will be the case.


  6. I like the idea and appreciate the ideal! However, my differing ability (Deaf) restrict my participation if my spouse isn’t able to interpret for me (speech to sign language). Best wishes! 🙂 Naked hugs!


  7. I am interested, though I don’t read as many blogs as I used to so don’t know as many of the bloggers anymore. I’m in South Carolina, not really close to any sizeable city (upstate, between Greenville and Augusta, GA) and there’s not much to see/do here. I love to travel if I can drive, so nothing too far away – maybe a two day drive from here. That restricts us to east of the Mighty Mississippi. I’m not good (at all) at planning things, though I greatly appreciate those who can and will. Good Luck, Sassybear!


  8. When I started blogging, my close friend, who got me into blogging, had two huge blogging togethers, both were in New York City and were a blast. He was an events manager for a dinning establishment…it’s the only way I know he hosted such a great fun event bar hopping and dinning all over Greenwich Village. How he got them from all over the country to come was beyond me. Still friends with many, even though, 90% of them aren’t blogging anymore. These days I’m still meeting bloggers but in small batches, or like 2-3 at a time. How many times did we come close…two ships in the night. I too think one would be fun…perhaps in NYC or Philly and out toward your way, or even in Ohio? Harrisburg is pretty but doesn’t offer near the attractions New Hope or Philly does…at least near me, if people wanted to do other things while at a get together.


  9. If anyone wants to come to Birmingham, Al, I would come. There is lots to do here. But, if no one wants to travel this far south, I understand. We could go to Piggly Wiggly. jk


  10. I organised blogging events and get-togethers between 2015 and 2019 with some other bloggers. We met in London every year, and each meetup was a great success. In the first year, there were around 20 attendees. By 2019, we had over 80 attend. We had bloggers worldwide attend, but most were based in the UK (like me). The pandemic put a stop to the events from 2020.
    Good luck if you decide to organise something. And don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about how to organise an event.


    • Thanks so much, Hugh. I just may take you up on that offer. I don’t think I’m ready to organize something on the scale you have done 9BRAVO!) but maybe start small and learn as I go.


      • Yes, that’s how we started – small, and then let it grow. We never expected another meeting after the first one, but those that attended the first one enjoyed it so much they wanted more. Good luck if you begin to organise something.

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