Sassybear’s Sunday 7

Something I thought about:

All the things I do out of habit. Working through Noom (which I’m still loving, by the way), I’ve identified so many eating habits I was sort of aware of but never really confronted or tried to change. That led me to think about all the other things I do out of habit and if I want or need to change my habits in other areas of my life. It is leading to some interesting conclusions and ideas.

Something I saw:

More wildlife in the backyard (in addition to those cute baby bunnies from the other day.) Jeffrey caught a bird taking a bath in our new bird bath and he filmed it to show me. I was fascinated and wish I had been out there to watch it happen live. If you have Instagram, and care in the least to see it, I posted the video here:

Something I heard:

Some amazing vocal performances by contestants on various televised talent shows in various countries, after discovering a feed on Instagram (or was it TikTok?) devoted to posting such content. Few things get me as emotional as music, especially when watching an “amateur” pour their heart and soul into a performance and cause the audience to react powerfully.

Something I tasted:

Some pretty interesting meatloaf. If you read my blog post yesterday, you know I messed up a meatloaf recipe. Despite my goof, it actually tasted pretty good, but was a bit mushier than meatloaf normally is, since I used five times the wet ingredients needed for the small loaf I made. Oh well, live and learn. At least I didn’t try to make this awful concoction:

Something I learned:

I’m drawing a blank on this. I have no doubt I learned something, and probably plenty, but I can’t think of one gosh darn thing. The best I can come up with: read the entire recipe and make sure you are using the right amounts of everything.

Something(s) I accomplished:

A nice list, this week.

As stated previously, I painted a spot on my wall this week that has lingered, unpainted, for years.

I put my Bear-In-A-Tree back in the bear themed guest bathroom and, in a mere 1.5 hours, managed to remove the 6 strings of lights, 5 of which do not work. This guy usually only come out at Christmastime, but I love it and happy to have him out year round. This decision came, in part, due to my questioning habits (see “Something I Thought About” above)” and from a simple question from the BFJ last time was here: “Why don’t you just take the Santa hat off and leave it out year round?” I could not think of any reason not too, so back he went.

I lost a little more weight this week. It’s coming of slowly, but I’m not following any crazy diet this time to get the weight off fast. Just using Noom as a tool to try to adjust my habits and think about ingredients, portion size, calorie density, and overall eating habits, to develop new, healthier habits and keep the weight off for the long term. I do not have a target time to lose it, but I do have a target weight.

I managed to survive a really tough, stressful, frustrating week at work without turning to junk food or excessive alcohol consumption to make me feel better. I focused on spending time doing things I like to make me feel better (let the dirty minds start inferring) and just spending time outdoors in my sanctuary with my husband and my dog.

I increased my daily step count and now habitually work in little bursts of extra stepping throughout the day, at work and at home, and whenever the opportunity hits. Yesterday, while waiting for the Staples to open to go to our TSA appointment, we walked around the lot instead of sitting in the car. I feel better spending more time on my feet, being mobile.

I arranged all our meals for each night we will be in P-town in a couple weeks. One more item off my to-do list.

I stopped myself from making many casual purchases that were enticing but unnecessary. I am really working on curbing my non-essential spending habits, along with all the other improvements I’m trying into make in my life. I do still purchase collectables on occasion but they are thought out, discussed with Jeffrey, and I wait a while to see if the “want on sight” wears off with a little time and distance.

Also, i found a quarter in the parking lot yesterday. Sluggy would be so proud!

Something I bought:

I did purchase two more figures to help complete my classic “Challenge of the Super Friends” line up: Hawkman and Hawkwoman (although, on the cartoon, she was called Hawkgirl)

Also, I bought a stand for all my eyeglasses, so they can be left out and easily displayed and accessible, since I like to rotate through them.

OK, looking back over this, I realize a LOT of this is repeated from yesterday’s post. Sorry, folks. I’ll have to be better at saving items for my Sunday Seven.

Stay safe, all.

12 thoughts on “Sassybear’s Sunday 7

  1. That recipe for Donut Prune “Salad” is one of the more disgusting things I’ve ever seen that does not involve gelatin. The popularity of aspics from the mid 20th century are sometimes worse.
    I love the bird taking a bath! How lovely!
    Congratulations on your continued gradual weight loss.


  2. Let’s hope you don’t make that donut prune salad, unless you find some gluten-free donuts. At least it is a salad; you know because it contains a lettuce leaf. (I am sure Noom would agree.)

    Cookie from Doing Hard Times in Shaker Heights posts these types of old-tyme recipes too. I imagine there must be some appeal to them; some test kitchen tried them out and determined they were worthy of advertisement. I imagine they are probably not so bad once you get past the nostalgia.

    I’m sorry you had another tough, stressful, frustrating week at work.

    There was some overlap between today’s blog and yesterdays, but we forgive you. It is fine to write what is on your mind, especially if said thoughts are illustrated with scantily-clad blogger selfies.

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  3. That donut prune salad recipe sounds as disgusting as that one video I saw a few years back where people were eating cereal out of a toilet bowl. Putting a donut on a lettuce leaf is like Hardee’s wrapping a Western Bacon Cheeseburger in lettuce leaves.


  4. I have heard a lot of good things about Noom. I have decided myself to eat less junk food and go more plant based. I don’t know if I can completely give up meat, as every once in awhile I crave fried chicken and a burger. But I will try.

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