Weekend Warrior

We had really nice weather today. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and grilled potatoes, we headed to Staples for our back to back appointments to finish or registration for our TSA pre-check codes, whihc involved verifying info, getting our finger prints and picture taken, and paying the $79.00 fee (x 2.) If nothing nefarious shows up in our background check (fingers crossed) we will have our pre-ckeck code in 2 weeks, whihc will make pre-flight screening quicker and easier. Woohoo. Now if only we had plans to actually travel somewhere.

On the way home, we stopped at Mom’s for a visit to check on her and change a light-bulb. She’s doing really well and seems to be almost fully recovered. After that we picked up two more prescriptions for my eye, whihc is not doing as well as Mom is. So i’m adding another med and eye gel to the mix. Sigh.

Once we were back home, I had a strawberry, feta, and spinach salad for lunch with some light ranch dressing, watched a little TV while reuniting with Harvey who had been tortured by being home alone for 2 hours, then I too a 2+ hour nap. (How’d that happen?)

Once we were fully awake and back up and around, Jeffrey set up a new vine trellis and planted 3 Clematis climbing vines in the back yard which will hopefully grow and create a small natural privacy barrier between our line of sight and the obnoxious flood lights from the neighbors house. He also planted a forsythia in the front yard. My poor Butterfly bush, gifted to us by my friend Rob as a memorial to Rita Mae, did not survive, so we ordered a new one to plant in its place. I have grown used to looking out and seeing the daily reminder of her.

While Jeffrey was outside playing horticulturist, I stayed inside and painted the little white plaster splotch on the bottom of the wall behind our buffet table in the dining room. This has been there since my friend Patrick re-did our basement in 2019. While he was putting up sheet-rock beneath the stairs, he drilled through the dining room wall, then repaired it, but we never got around to painting it because it’s always out of sight. Well it’s painted now, by gum!

Next, I made dinner reservations for each night while we’re in P-town, in 21 days, from May 13-21. (I will turn 52 while we’re there.) Our friends Joe and Mark (Mark is a former blogger, which is how we met) from Lewes, DE (just a short hop, skip, and jump from Ron at Retired in Delaware ) will be joining us, so I wanted to make sure we could get into all of our favorite restaurants, since it will be Mark’s first time in P-town. (Oh, the horrors!) After that, I searched eBay and found and bought a Hawkman and Hawkwoman figure, to complete my collection of Super Friends characters from “Challenge of the Super Friends”.

Tonight, I made a Chicken Meatloaf recipe from my “barefoot contessa cookbook”, a Christmas gift from the BFJs hubby

Unfortunately, I completely missed that the recipe called for 5 lbs of ground meat, not the 1 lb I used, so I didn’t pare down any of the amounts of the other ingredients to 1/5 for the 1 lb of meat, so I made a 2000 calorie slightly mushy meatloaf for two instead of a 400 calorie meatloaf for two. Of course, I only realized this after the loaf had been cooking in the oven for 30 minutes, or else I could have just added more ground meat for a bigger loaf. It was still delicious, but thanks to the massive calorie density, no night time treat for me (glass of red wine aside.)

All in all, not the worst day to have.

19 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior

  1. The glasses definitely tone down your apparent criminality.
    Tell Joe and Mark hello from me and Superman! I really enjoyed meeting them when we were in Lewes.
    It sounds like a lovely productive day. You must post some pictures of the clematis when they’re grown out and looking, no doubt, beautiful.
    Good luck with the eye! I hope these new medications do the trick.

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  2. If you are not flying anywhere why did you apply for the TSA preflight checks?

    I am glad to hear your mom is recovering, and less glad that your eye is not healing up.

    Poor Harvey. The things he has to put up with…


  3. Pre-Check makes a huge difference. At BWI on Saturday evening we were through security in two minutes or less. We have Global Entry, the express lane when coming back into the country.


  4. It depends. behind me in the checkout at the grocery, neither looks criminally. Hiding behind a bush by the door, both are terrifyingly criminally. Context.
    Oh, I would have taken that meatloaf out even after thirty minutes and added meat, put it back in and restarted the timer.


  5. The shot with glasses seems more sinister to me. Or maybe it’s just that the look on your face is different from sans glasses shot. Let’s just say as sinister as you could possibly look(and that ain’t very! lol).


  6. Neither pic looks criminally. Now if you were wearing a red hat…

    Nice to see you got the Hawks to complete your collection. I haven’t read comics in awhile, but I miss Carter and Shayera.


    • I would consider it a true honor to be part of your first visit to Ptown. Please talk with David and plan to visit! I will do everything I can to make a joint trip possible!


  7. Ohhh I’d go with the glasses.
    As a glasses-wearer, I always approve of men in glasses.
    And I’m intrigued now about the PSA pre-approved thingy. I fly only once or twice a year, but the idea is good. The lines at O’Hare are a nightmare….



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