I found a gray hare

A gray baby bunny, to be exact, who decided to hang out with his brother in the corner of our covered patio.

So freaking adorable. Harvey discovered them first. He didn’t bother them, but started whimpering, which scared them, so we brought Harvey onto the screened porch, then a gently shooed the little ones into the grass where they scampered off to find a new place to hide.

Later, Jeffrey discovered the momma rabbit on the patio. We’ve had rabbits living in our yard since moving here in 2012, but we’ve never seen them come up on the patio like this. We certainly don’t mind. I just hope Harvey continues to keep his distance if he spots them again.

11 thoughts on “I found a gray hare

  1. Adorable so long as you don’t grow brassicas, I guess. (Somehow we turned Mr McGregor into a villain.)

    I hope you got through your week okay. Travel Penguin missed you.


  2. Now Harvey, behave!
    Bunnies look so cuddlesome, as well as always seeming vulnerable and frightened. But I’d be too wary of their teeth to try picking them up. Adorable absolutely!


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