Harvey Hears a Hare!

The weather promised to climb to a sunny 80 degrees today, so I pulled all the patio furniture out into the open air for a good hose down so it could dry and be ready for use.

While outside, Harvey went poking around the string of Thujas along the back fence, that we planted a few summers back, which have grown quickly and become a haven for many a critter.

Within seconds I heard a heavy pant, wild wrestling of branches, and watched as a fair sized rabbit darted from under one of the trees for places unknown.

We’ve had rabbits living in our back yard for years. We use to worry for their safety with Rita around, especially after we found her with a deceased rabbit in her jaws (which we choose to believe she found it dead, rather than the gruesome alternative) but Harvey wouldn’t hurt a…excuse the pun…hair on their head. He’s just curious about, and fascinated by, other animals. Still, I can imagine how unwelcome even a tiny adorable dog nose is, poking into a rabbit’s resting spot.

To his credit, Harvey did not bark, nor give chase. He just sat bewildered, watching the rabbit dart away. If I didn’t know better, I’d think his feelings were hurt.

I’m glad the rabbit is safe, but if it’s going to stick around , it’s going to have to learn to get along with the lord of the manor.

11 thoughts on “Harvey Hears a Hare!

  1. “Excuse the pun”?? From you? I know your eye had been giving you problems, but now you really have me worried for your health.

    Maybe Harvey’s feelings were hurt. But don’t I remember you saying that he tends not to get along with other dogs? (He did have a crush on BFJ’s cat, though?)

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