All the live long day!

It was a long day.

Up at 500, out the door at 600, started work at 700, left work at 130, headed to the hospital to take Mom home, Mom get discharged at 230, Jeffrey got to Mom’s at 430, we got all her air conditioners in the windows by 530, got home by 600, had dinner ready by 645, sipped cocktails till 830, and will be in bed by 930.

I need more hump in my hump days!

9 thoughts on “All the live long day!

  1. You lead such a decadent life! I was going to hope it gets humpier for you, but on second thought maybe that is a dangerous hope.


  2. She still has her appendix? Why did they not remove it? That was a busy day! There is always a hump day each week, so there is hope.


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