I got nothing , so random thoughts it is

Eye is doing better on a steroid drop.

Mom is doing better and may go home tomorrow or Thursday.

Work is work.

Can’t believe it’s only Tuesday!

31 days until vacation in P-Town.

I just caved and purchased issues 1-12 of the “Inferior Five” comic book series on eBay. (I already own their first appearances in Showcase 62,63,65 and 100.) I am so weak.

Our new grill remains un-assembled in a box on our patio.

The weather has been beautiful.

NOOM is going well, but why am I not skinny and pretty yet? It’s been two weeks!!!

Harvey gets exponentially cuter every day.

I love our new coffee table and kitchen cabinet.

I always wonder what all my blogger buddies are up to.

I want to try cooking duck.

It’s raining and that makes me happy.

It’s late and I should be in bed!

11 thoughts on “I got nothing , so random thoughts it is

  1. Glad to hear your mom is doing better. Did they take out her appendix? If not, why not and will that adversely affect her health going forward?

    You are skinny and pretty! Well, maybe not as skinny as you want to be, but beautiful nonetheless.


  2. Great news that you eye is getting better! I hate assembling things. Bill used to do that for me. This Friday Ace Hardware is delivering to me a new walk behind lawnmower that I purchased, completely assembled! They had a special and I took advantage of their deal. I cook, This handyman stuff is not my thing. My neighbor said I looked “so butch” riding my John Deere zero degree lawnmower. What?


  3. Yikes about your mom not getting surgery, but I hope things work out well.

    As many have already stated: you are pretty already. Do you think we subscribe to your blog for the articles? But we also want you to be as healthy as is feasible, and if that means losing weight then good job on losing weight.

    I hope the Inferior Five comics run is good. Some parody comics are great and some are cringeworthy.


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