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Mom’s still in the hospital. Still don’t know if she’s having surgery. The family has lots of questions about how she can possibly go home with a perforated appendix. I fear this will all be too much for her. She is pretty feeble as it is.

I saw the ophthalmologist again this morning before work. My eye is only incrementally better. No evidence of bacteria fond in my contact case, so the Doc now believes it’s a random inflammation due to my compromised immune system. She started me on a prednisone drop today. I tend to respond well to Prednisone so maybe this will be the fix. I go back tomorrow for yet another check-up. These co-pays are really adding up.

The weather is gorgeous here right now. It is 60 degrees and sunny. We ate dinner on the screened porch and walked around the yard, noting the growth of the tress and budding of the plants. Always an exciting time of year. If it remains this nice, I will hose of the pavilion furniture one day after work this week so it can dry in time to enjoy for the weekend.

I have new Snoopy slippers that make “Snoopy noises” when I press the ear on my left slipper. They’re comfy and cute and make me smile.

It’s been a long week already…and it’s only Monday!

10 thoughts on “Your Title Here!

  1. I hope your Mom’s blood thinners wear off soon so she can have the surgery. And I hope the prednisone drops make a dramatic improvement in your eye! You’re both having very irksome medical issues right now and I’m sure it’s tiresome.


  2. Personally, I don’t think “Old Lurker” is a good title for a blog post. “Making it in Retirement” wouldn’t be bad, but that won’t happen for 1133 days or so. Presumably this is not “My Secret Journey”, since you are telling us aboiut it. So “My Life or Something Like It”? That’s good, if a bit generic.

    Perhaps something that is not one of our titles here would be better. “Mixed Monday Messages”, perhaps? “Eyes, fears, sun and toes”? I bet your other readers would have better suggestions. Mitchell is good at things like this.

    (I too am worried for your mom. If they aren’t going to operate I hope there is a sensible plan B.)

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  3. It’s been a long year this week! Hope things take a turn for the better for your mother and for you. I wanted to get Oscar the Grouch fuzzy slippers for SG but couldn’t find them in a size 15. Love those Snoopy slippers!


  4. I just went back and read all of your posts. You’ve not had a good couple of weeks! I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I hope that she turns a corner and that your eye gets better. I am sending you electronic positive thoughts and vibes.


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