Sassybear’s Sunday 7

Something I thought about:


My eye is still not healed, although it is improving slightly. I am still taking 5 drops in rotation, 3 antibiotics, and one spray. I have to go to the Eye doc every other day for a check up, which is really disrupting my work day. It’s very frustrating and I’m ready to be healed and past the need for so many meds.

My Mom went to the emergency room Thursday night with sharp pains in her abdomen. It was discovered she had a perforated Appendix, but couldn’t take it out because she’s on blood thinners. She’s been in the hospital since then, no food or drink, and constant checks of her vitals and white blood count, as they pump her full of antibiotics and pain meds until she’s been off blood thinners long enough to make surgery less risky. I feel so bad she is going through this, especially at her age. The BFJ came down this weekend and we visited her in the hospital. She loves him and was really excited and touched that he came to visit. We are all very worried about her, as her health is not good and this is not an easy thing to go through.

I applied for a new position in a different department within my agency. It would be a significant promotion and salary increase. It also means more responsibility, more stress, and probably a change to my work schedule. But I think I’m ready to do this, I wan the job, I think I could do it well, and I think I have a good shot at getting it.

Something I saw: Shazam: Fury of the Gods! Captain Marvel (now known as Shazam, the magix word he says to transform to his superhero persona, to differentiate himself from the Marvel Comics CaptainjMarvel…grrrrr.) is (was?) one of my favorite comic characters, so seeing his film adaptation was a must for me. Despite disliking the first movie, I hoped the second might be better. It wasn’t. I don’t like his depiction as the mind of a child in a man’s body. He has the wisdom of Solomon (the “S” in SHAZAM) so his continued depiction as an immature moron doesn’t gibe with his comic character. And he did not grow or learn at all from his first movie, still acting childish and goofy and completely unable to use his powers in interesting and creative ways, other than punching things really hard. I love DC Comics, but the “DC Extended Universe” has dome and extreme disservice to three of may favorite characters: Green Lantern Aquman and Captain Marvel. I am scared To see who they will ruin next.

Something I heard: Performances by Karl Loxley (The Voice) , Tom Ball, Kyle Tomlinson, & Loren Allred (Brittan’s Got Talent) on You Tube. All are amazing vocalists, and each of their performances that I saw made me cry.

Something I tasted: A lovely Filet Mignon when the BFJ and I went out to dinner lats night at the Century House. And the Pear Martini was absolute heaven!

Something I learned: A lot about appendicitis and perforated appendixes. More than I wanted to, but I like to be informed.

Something I accomplished: A second week of Noom. I am down 13 lbs and I’m absolutely loving it. I have met all of my targets every day for 14 days: calories, steps, water consumption, weigh-ins, and reading. It almost feels like this program was created for me specifically. I know I will hit my target rate by Christmas.

Something I bought: A new Foodi Ninja. Ours completely died on us Thursday night, and Jeffrey immediately ordered a new one. We cook 95% of our meals in our Ninja, so it would be easier to go without a stove than the Ninja. The new one looks a little sleeker and has a new option (dehydrate.)

15 thoughts on “Sassybear’s Sunday 7

  1. Hugs and good wishes to your mom! I had a perforated appendix in my late 20’s whilst in n early pregnancy. Ended up in ICU with sepsis, lost the baby, but I am still here(and went on to have 3 more healthy kids).

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  2. Wow, what a jam-packed week you’ve had! Best wishes to your Mom in the hospital — I hope they can do the surgery soon, fix the problem and that she’ll heal quickly and thoroughly at home. Being in the hospital sucks.


  3. Oh no! Best wishes for a speedy and healthy outcome for your mom! I hope she can get into surgery soon, and that the surgery is a success.
    Good luck on getting the promotion. You no doubt deserve it. It sounds like a very good career move.
    Congratulations on the weight loss journey! It feels so good to lose weight following a good program like Noom.


  4. What a week! I hope you get some nice quiet ones to compensate.

    It is good your eye is improving, but I agree that it is a hassle to see the doctor every other day (!).

    I am also glad your mom is getting care, but wow this seems like a stressful situation. I hope she is able to get her surgery soon, and that the surgery is successful and smooth.

    Speaking of which: you really want a job with more stress than you have already? If you want the job I hope you get the job, but my hope for you would be for the next 1134 days for you to be less stressful, not more.


  5. It’s been some week. Wishing your mother well. So sweet of BFJ. Wishing you the patience you need for your eye to recover. Exciting news about the new position possibility although I don’t like the sound of “more stress.”


  6. I thought anyone with a perforated appendix had to have immediate surgery. But, what do I know? How old is your mother? Do you have siblings?
    Your eye sounds like a pain. What exactly was wrong with it? I suppose I forgot.
    Weight loss is great!


    • I did too. I know surgery is risky for her for several other health reasons, but I can’t imagine going home with a perforated appendix is a good idea. We’re waiting to hear the doctors final determination and his reasoning.


  7. I’m sorry to hear about your Mom. I hope she’s on the road to recovery. You definitely had a rough week.

    Also, don’t tell yourself the money justifies having more stress and responsibility in your life. Look at what happened to me.


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