Another visit to the Ophthalmologist today, where I waited a total of 2 hours, collectively, to be seen by two different ophthalmologists, did not bring good news. My eye did a “u-ey” and has gotten worse – there’s a new mysterious “bubble” on the surface of my cornea next to the ulcers, which are still there. The doc is “very concerned” my cornea will start melting if we can’t turn this around ASAP.

Soooo…I had to head to the outpatient pharmacy at one of the local hospitals to get two new hospital grade antibiotic drops that I have to take every hour, 5 minutes apart. Plus, I picked up a second oral antibiotic at the local pharmacy to add to the current one I’m taking, both twice a day, while still cleansing my lids and lashes with an antibacterial spray twice a day.


The silver lining: I got a lot of steps in today and my eye probably weighs at least a few ounces so, if they have to remove it, I’ll lose a little weight.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself…

…your wish just may come true!

14 thoughts on “U-Turn

  1. I am so sorry to hear this….PLEASE take care and pamper yourself. I do NOT wish you were a gay sassy pirate. (gay and sassy, yes!)
    Sending LOTS of love and hugs


  2. Oh no. If I wanted a sassy gay pirate friend I would poke somebody’s eye out myself. I would rather have a sassy gay blogger with good vision.


  3. Oh Lordy! Your Agony in the Garden just goes on and on and on……..May it come to a positive resolution VERY soon with those drops, or anything else which is going to do it. Thoughts are with you – but positively NO prayers, knowing how ineffectual those are.


  4. I’m so sorry to hear about this turn of events. As much as I like Slade and Rose, I don’t want you turning into either of them. I hope the new drops work.


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