A few of my favorite things

Getting home every day from work.

Little puppy kisses from Harvey.

Holding Jeffrey’s hand.

Seeing giraffes anywhere, anytime.

Sipping Cosmopolitans.

Fires in the fireplace.


Comic book stores.

The smell of rain.


Entering Provincetown.

A Magic Wand.

Eating cereal and watching cartoons.


Piano Bars.

Having blog buddies.

Opening presents.

The smell of bread.

Seeing people smile.


Hot showers.

Drinking cold water.

Sipping morning coffee on the porch.

Clothes that fit.

A clean house.

Laughing until I cry.

Being married.

Seeing the BFJ.

Broadway musicals.


Being appreciated.

Falling asleep.


Being naked.

Dressing up.


All of you!

15 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things

  1. A wonderful list, indeed.
    The zoo in Greenville, SC, just an hour north of us, has a brand new baby giraffe. Their giraffe gave birth to a baby girl calf over the weekend. (She’s 5’11” at birth!)


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