13 thoughts on “Seeking Inspiration

  1. Thank you for sharing these inspirations. I have recently felt the pull of the depression monster, though thankfully have felt some better today. Many of these sayings/quotes are helping.

    My brother’s wife has a plaque in their guest bath, a variation on “Live, Laugh, Love”. It says something like “Live, Fart, Laugh” which I find hilarious. Not necessarily inspiring, but funny. Sometimes funny is exactly what I need.


  2. I’m not going to achieve “meaningful”, so rich, popular, and/or perfect sound like pretty good consolation prizes to me. (Being highly-educated is highly overrated.)

    Rich people can buy happiness.Popular people get invited to all the best orgies. Perfect people don’t make mistakes, so they can find wealth, popularity and/or meaning in other ways.


    • Why didn’t I just come to you for advice first? I’ll just get rich, become popular, or achieve perfection and all my problems will be solved. Thanks, Lurky! That saved a lot of soul searching on my part! 🙂


        • LOL. I think you’re sweeter than you let on.

          I used to want to be “popular” whatever that means (For me it meant being liked by everyone and invited to everything all the time.) Now that’s meaningless to me. I just want to have a few close friends and a handful of acquaintances, and I’ve achieved that, and I’m lucky to have that, I know. I lost my FOMO a looooong time ago.


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