Sassybear’s Sunday 7

Something I worried about: Making it another 3+ years at my job. Things got rough again these past couple of weeks and I was holding on by a thread. I had several nights of stress dreams (and a few during naps, as well) and that’s telling me I need a mental health break again, and soon. Unfortunately, my next vacation isn’t until May. And even that will just be like putting a wet rag on a forest fire.

Something I saw: We’ve been re-watching movies starring Paul Rudd. One of the few actors I’ll watch in almost anything. My favorites, of course, are his Ant-Man films.

Something I heard: I tried listening to some Imagine Dragons music yesterday while cleaning house, solely because I keep seeing clips of the very attractive lead singer performing shirtless. Since I like what I see, I wanted to hear what his (their) music is like. I don’t hate it, but it hasn’t won me over yet. I’ll give it some more listen, though, before I decide if it’s for me or not. I suspect I’ll like it more watching him perform it shirtless.

Something I tasted: I had an amazing roast duck Friday night at a (newer) local restaurant. I only had duck for the first time a couple years ago in Provincetown, and I fell in love with it. I don’t find it served often around here, so it was a real treat.

Something I learned: This was a harder one for me this week. I am always eager to learn new things, and it’s terrible to reflect back on a week and not be able to recall one single new thing I’ve learned. The only thing I can recall learning is that we get way more crumbs down the cracks of our cushions than we thought possible…and definitely need to vacuum under them more often. (Or stop eating n the living room.)

Something I accomplished: Getting the house cleaned yesterday. It was so awful. I am a neat freak by nature, so our house is always orderly: beds made, cabinets closed, dishes done, laundry folded, garbage out, etc etc. BUT the house gets so dusty and dirty from natural wear and tear (not to mention little puppies and forced air heat ducts) and we had grown a bit negligent on doing a proper cleaning. Although it takes hours, and isn’t “fun” in any sense of the word, it is a huge relief to have it done and to feel like our house isn’t one big dust bunny any more, at least for a little while. And we even rearranged furniture a bit to give it a fresh look. We’d pat ourselves on the back if our muscles and joints didn’t ache so much from all the bending and stretching and kneeling.

Something I bought: New motion sensor flat light bars that attach, almost hidden, to the underside of shelves and closet ceilings, and have several light settings, bright to warm. The best feature is that the lights are rechargeable, and the light is connected to a magnetic base, so it’s easily removed and plugged in to recharge. No batteries. I love them and will probably get more. We also bought a new Bear runner and modern frosted light shades for our bear themed guest bathroom, to try to give it a slightly more modern look. It really “needs” to be redone and updated, but we don’t have the funds or the energy to survive more remodeling. So we do what we can, cosmetically.

12 thoughts on “Sassybear’s Sunday 7

  1. I like Paul Rudd too. Have you watched the very entertaining series “Only Murders in the Building” on Disney+? Paul Rudd will be on the forthcoming 3rd season. He’s the murder victim but should get a lot of screen time in flashbacks as the building’s team of amateur detectives/podcasters solve the crime.


  2. I’m right there with ya on the countdown clock buddy, but I wonder how I’m going to make it another TWO years. Things at work were great until we got a new middle manager (over my boss and one step below the Director) and life has been HELL since she arrived. As I confided to my boss several months ago, “I used to like coming to work; now I dread it.” He said he completely understood. (She’s not happy unless she’s micromanaging every aspect of our work life.) We privately refer to her as Elphaba (if you know, you know), but she’s more Margaret Hamilton and less Idina Menzel.


  3. I hope you keep your head up above water at work. Just 48 days! (If only..)

    Did you not learn to make a new cocktail this week? (On a school night, even?)


  4. I hope you can keep your head above water until you can retire. I don’t miss that struggle at all. I’m also glad to hear about the house cleaning. I’m doing the same over here, a little at a time.


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