Bonus: Rant – I like you. I really like you.

I’ve been trying to do better with blogging: posting, reading, commenting, and responding to comments. But the Webgods are making things difficult. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m having a much harder time consistently commenting on other people’s blogs, Blogger and WordPress alike. Sometimes I can comment on my phone, sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I can comment on my laptop through Firefox, sometimes through Safari, and sometimes through neither. I usually have to log into both WordPress or Google, sometimes over and over again, even when I’m going form one Blog to anther on the same host-site. Sometimes it won’t let me log in, requires me to log in before I comment, or requires me to log in after my comment, and then my comments disappear. Maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong (all of a sudden after years of blog reading and commenting.) I’ve hard there are nefarious goings on at Google, so maybe that’s wreaking havoc with my settings and smooth transitioning from Blogger to WordPress and back, something that was never a problem before now.

Or maybe I’ve just grown to old and stupid for these new-fangled things and should stick to reading comic books and writing letters.

I hope I can figure it out soon because it’s driving me crazy and making me appear to be a non-participating blogger.

So, for the record, I’m reading all your blogs every day (I use Feedly to get all your posts in one place.) and I’m trying to comment each time, even if it’s just a “like” so you know I’ve been there, but the forces are against me.


I need a doughnut. (With sympathetic nods to Michael)

11 thoughts on “Bonus: Rant – I like you. I really like you.

  1. Thanks for the sympathy! Sometimes it is hard for me just to find the time to blog or read other blogs. Like you, sometimes I have trouble making comments. It makes no sense at times when things don’t work. ~Michael


  2. You’re not alone. I have given up on commenting on others’ blogs (blogger an wordpress) using my iPad. Usually doesn’t work. iPhone is a bit of a pain given the size. So, I comment from my desktop… via Chrome because SOMETIMES Safari doesn’t cooperate. I can however USUALLY reply to comments on my own blog from whatever. It drives me nuts. Oh, and commenting on your specific blog sometimes takes forever, doesn’t post, and then I have to do it immediately again and I’m then quickly successful… like just now!


  3. I don’t know what’s going on with comments either. Some days the number of comments I receive are way, way down and other days not. So people may be having trouble commenting on my blog (or perhaps they just don’t like my post that day, lol). I know there’s some kind of issue going on right now involving “javascript,” whatever the hell that is, but I’m not computer-savvy enough to understand if that’s what the problem is.


  4. I have to jump through several hoops to comment on your Word Press blog. I don’t with Spo’s. I don’t know why there is a difference. But with yours I have to enter my e-mail, name, and website and I can never remember which website I should use. I mainly use Blogger and not my Word Press blog (which I have to pay for, dumb of me to get caught in that bind). But I felt I have to jump through those hoops to let you know I almost always ready your blog. I receive very few comments on my blog, usually from the same two people. I suspect they also have a difficult time leaving comments on my blog. I just let it go. Who knows what programming gremlins lurk in the Internet? Again I can’t bring any of my ScrabbleGo games up on the Internet. Playing those games (nine with Pat) is a major stress reliever for me but I just give up now that I’ll ever be able to play online Scrabble. With the extra time I did manage to catch up on all my old e-mails most of which are Find a Grave and which I’ve put off much too long. Those folks probably thought I had died. Keep blogging, we’re reading your musing out here in the Bloggerworld!


  5. I am surprised WordPress gives you problems commenting. It is fairly consistent for me. Once in a while I will leave a comment and it will appear not to post, but when I visit it later then it is okay (and if I use the back button and then repost then WordPress will warn me). However, I do not stay logged into WordPress when commenting on blogs. Instead I stay anonymous and enter my name and email every time I comment.

    Blogger is a different story. I think it has to do with the way different blog templates embed their comment fields. Debra’s comment field opens in a new window, and it simple. Maddie’s, on the other hand, is embedded in the blog, which causes issues.

    Ad-blockers in your web browser can make a difference here. In order for you to stay logged in across blogs, the different platforms require certain cookies (but not all cookies) to be maintained across sites (web domains).

    Honestly I am surprised Blogger still exists. Blogs have not been cool for a decade now, and Google has a habit of kicking products to the curb (*sob* Google Reader). But it seems they may be doing some development on the product?


  6. My Ipad constantly refuses to let me respond to comments on my blog. I agree, that the tech companies keep tweaking things to try to get us to only use their platforms, even if they don’t have one.


  7. On my phone, I noticed a WordPress request to read entries using Jetpack (WTF?). Maybe, I’m reaching a certain again, but why can’t these platforms leave well enough alone?


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