International Women’s Day

And this one’s dedicated to a dearly departed Warrior Queen, Anne Marie:

To all my women followers, bloggers, snd friends – CIS, Trans, Straight, Gay, Bi, Queer, of every age, race, and ability – this world is better because you’re in it!

13 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. Time to invoke Lewis’s Law, I guess: Marine Le Pen. She puts the Angelou quotation and the “To all the movers” meme in a new light. There are many others, of course: Candace Owens, Lauren Boebert, MTG…

    There is no doubt that I am a weak “man”, but I wholeheartedly admit that these strong women scare me.


    • Funny…I was just thinking of you and wishing you posted as often as you comment. You’ve got a unique voice and a sharp wit and I love reading your comments.

      Strong women have protected me on more than one occasion. Even though my world tends to be more gay men focused, I thought it meaningful to recognize this day and them.

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      • I have no complaints about International Women’s Day, or your celebration of it. But sometimes universal declarations come back to haunt us (as the Maya Angelou quotation demonstrates).

        As for posting? Sigh. I have a couple of entries in mind, but I have been procrastinating on writing them, because I am bad and lazy. We’ll see what happens. I regret starting the blog, and I often regret posting to it.


        • I hope my intentions outweigh any of the posts that fall short.

          I’m sorry you have regrets, and I wasn’t trying to pressure or shame you. Just trying to express how much I enjoy having you in my blog family!


  2. Before my weekly department meeting I send my team three questions. The second one this week was “how you you going to make a difference this week?” I think I will keep asking that until we realize how powerful we are when we try to make the world a better place.


  3. Thank you. Each and everyone one of these are meaningful. We celebrated Women’s Day at work. You can’t believe how many times I was asked when is it going to be men’s day? I said 364 days per year – women get 1.


    • I’m surprised your eyes didn’t roll out of your head at that comment. Any time anyone makes a comment like that, what they really mean is “when are all the days going to be just ours again?”


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