Sassybear’s Sunday Seven

Something I worried about: The weather, which could’ve interfered with our plans to go to CT (it didn’t.) Predictions ranged between 4 inches and 12 inches, but snow started after we arrived in CT on Friday and stopped before we drove home Sunday morning. Sweet.

Something I saw: We watched “Lilo and Stitch” for the first time Thursday night, because it occurred to me I’d never seen it, and I generally try to see all Disney films. It was OK. Ended better than it started. Not my favorite Disney film, but not the worst, either.

Something I heard: We listened to one of my favorite Podcasts on the way to CT – “Smartless.” Jason Batemen, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes hold very informal interviews (more like chats) with a wide variety of guests. I like the host banter more than the guest interviews. It’s a very easy listen, makes me laugh, and I learn a fe things along the way.

Something I tasted: We made a makeshift lasagna this week with gluten free noodles, diced tomatoes, ground beef, and cheddar, mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese. It tasted rather lovely. And I love when we have no plan for dinner and I can just whip something up with the ingredient on hand. This is a skill I developed during the COVID lock down.

Something I learned: Not to mess with a Microsoft Access database you use at work, if you don’t really know how to edit it. Thankfully, after creating several errors, I was able to restore it from a back-up. Whew! (I REALLY need to teach myself how to edit it.)

Something I accomplished: Several difficult and advanced tasks above my pay grade at work that, while incredibly stressful, resolved some serious issues and were very satisfying (and a huge relief) to complete. I definitely earned my paycheck this week.

Something I bought: The Animal Adventure Park in Binghamton, that I frequent, had a sale on their merchandise, so I got a few fun things: an animal paw cheese board, a giraffe stationery set, and a bunch of Velcro giraffe clips to put on my staircase spindles.

9 thoughts on “Sassybear’s Sunday Seven

  1. Microsoft Access is one of my least favorite pieces of software. I hates it. It is ubiquitious but bad at everything.

    Good job on earning your paycheck!

    Personally, I don’t normally associate the words “makeshift” and “lasagna”. It seems like a rather involved dish to put together.


  2. I learned enough Access to pass a class. Then, I promptly forgot it all.
    Worrying about the rain for driving is stressful for me. Love your purchases!


  3. Between 4 and 12 inches? That almost sounds like dating. Hey, someone had to say it!

    I miss listening to Smartless. I might have to stream the latest episode the next time I sit down and edit my novel.


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