11 thoughts on “Dress for the job you want

  1. That’s one thing I hated about being at the office at my last job. I always felt “business casual” felt like a costume after wearing a t-shirt and shorts for work two jobs ago.

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  2. And the reason you can’t wear that is… ? Surely your coworkers know by now that you are a rainbow-themed superhero?

    (Why yes. I have been unemployed for over a year. Why do you ask?)

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  3. 1174 Days, 307 – oh my I hadn’t calculated it in days before. If you are not meeting the public, my office dress code is simple, don’t offend anyone.


    • We don’t have a dress code, either, so it’s jeans and whatever shoe and top I feel like wearing (I can’t bring myself to wear t-shirts to work, so it’s a sweater, polo or dress shirt) but it’s still not as comfy as socks and boxers and tees and pajama pants.


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